Here’s Where You Can Shop The Bracelet Flask Rihanna Used At Coachella

By Yvonne Lam
23rd Apr 2018


At Coachella (aka the world’s most fashionable fashion parade), eagle-eyed Instagram followers zoomed in on one particular detail of Rihanna’s multiple outfits. It wasn’t her Gucci balaclava, or her thigh-high heeled ugg boots, but a bangle-slash-flask

Thass right. It’s a chunky, purple bangle that doubles as a flask with a secret gemstone bottle stopper, and she snuck it past security like a badass (almost as hardcore as the time I accidentally smuggled lemonade into Hoyts Broadway). I mean, I thought that she’d get ushered to the front of the VIP queue, or at least have her own rider, or even a designated bartender to pour cocktails straight into her mouth. But our home girl RiRi proves that she’s just like us, and likes her premix straight from the wrist. 

I’m not Rihanna. You’re not Rihanna. Hell, sometimes Rihanna ain’t Rihanna, and is in fact a shape-shifting burlesque dancer from the 28th century. But for under $40, you can at least pretend to be Rihanna. Etsy is already running hot with “Rihanna bracelet flasks”—they’re stainless steel, apparently food-safe, and can be yours for just $33! And call us old, but how the heck would you even wash one of these out properly?

Who knows, but we're keen to bring the bling on RiRi's wrist. 

Or perhaps you’re into gold RM Williams boots?

Image credit: Instagram

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