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TGIF Mixtape | With Alison Wonderland & Valley Fiesta

By Phil Swan
8th Nov 2013

Valley Fiesta is one of our favourite events in the social calendar, and it's fast approaching! Alison Wonderland is one act you'll be twerking too come Valley Fiesta time. We caught up with her for a quick interview, and got our friends at Valley Fiesta to put together this awesome TGIF Mixtape, just for you.

2 Minutes with Alison Wonderland

TUL: Tell us in one sentence what you do for a living?
I create and mix myself sane.

TUL: I see you have a bit of classical music background, how did you transition from playing Cello, to mixing Dr. Dre with Lana Del Ray?
I still have no idea how I got to this point. It was weirdly organic. I started djing because I loved the way I could mix different pieces of music into others. It made me happy and hyperfocused.

TUL: What has been your most memorable gig?
The first show I ever played with my first band. The high I felt after - I still cannot duplicate that.

TUL: If you could choose a career highlight so far, what would it be?
Everything is a little highlight for me. Please don't make me choose!

TUL: You're amongst a great line up for Valley Fiesta this year, who are you looking forward to seeing play the most?
Probably Touch Sensitive. I want to see him playing bass.

TUL: When you're in Brissie for a few days (and have time), where do you like going? What do you like eating? Where do you like drinking?
One of my good friends lives in Brisbane so I usually just hang at the spots he goes to. Last time I went to a pretty rad pizza joint - have no recollection of the name though.

TUL: What are the top 5 most played songs in your iTunes?
It's always changing, but at the moment my iTunes tells me:

Float on (feat Charlie xcx) - Danny Brown
I Miss You - Ta-ku
Get It Together - Beastie Boys
Octopus (ratking remix) - King Krule
Silent Shout - The Knife

TUL: You've got $50 left, what are you spending it on?
The pokies. Could come out with $194830138. Yolo.

TUL: What's the weirdest/most random thing you've ever witnessed at a gig/festival?
Someone in a chicken costume dirty dancing with someone in an egg costume.

You can catch Alison Wonderland playing at Valley Fiesta next weekend. To here her new single "Get Ready", and a heap of songs from other artists playing at Valley Fiesta, treat yourself to our TGIF Mixtape curated by Valley Fiesta:

Valley Fiesta 2013 by The Urban List on Grooveshark

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