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By Desta Cullen
14th Apr 2015

Image credit: 5 Boroughs | Esteban Rivera

I’m a south side local so you can trust me when I tell you that side of the river has some damn fine charms, and luckily for me—and the rest of the cool kids calling it home—Brisbane’s restaurateurs are beginning to agree.

The stable of new Brisbane restaurants and bars calling Stones Corner home is growing nicely, thank you, and now with the opening of bonafide burger joint, 5 Boroughs, I barely have to leave!

5 Boroughs though, just like the Big Apple and its melting pot communities, is promising to be much more than just burgers.

But, it’s impossible to visit an American restaurant serving burgers, without actually ordering a burger—which is what I did.

The American trend shows no sign of abating, so it’s necessary that we get into the nitty-gritty of what constitutes a good burger; the bun must be soft but not soggy, a juicy patty with equal meat-to-bun ratio, a good level of pickles and all the necessary accoutrements i.e. real American mustard and ketchup (not tomato sauce!), or perhaps a cheeky special sauce.

Standard Yankee fare is reppin’ hard on the 5 Boroughs menu; There are eight burgers—if the 5B Cheese is anything to go by, they will all meet the aforementioned criteria—Cuban and Reuben pressed sandwiches, fries (both standard, criss-cross and onion rings), sliders plus baby-back ribs, and riblets. 

But the un-burgery food looks equally delish too: fish tacos, steamed bao buns, beef empanadas, gyoza, as well as chicken karaage wings are there to showcase the plethora of cuisine types that make New Yawk so famous.     

The drinks are frothy and cold with a good selection of craft beer—no sleep ‘til I get my Brooklyn Lager, y’all—and the classic NY cocktails come in glass and jug sizes (hello, Sunday sess’) plus, there’s bottomless ice-tea for 6 bucks! I feel like I’m stateside again.  

The friendly service is on point, chill hip-hop beats pump through the open-air restaurant, my belly’s full, and I’m certainly in a New York state of mind.

We predict this new Brisbane restaurant and bar is going to become a solid south side favourite in no time at all.

To the 5 Boroughs to Ch Check It Out, Brisbane!

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