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Wedding Day Music | The Dos & Don’ts

By Desta Cullen
19th Nov 2013

No matter what kind of bride you are, music is important (well, maybe not if you are an anti-bride). From demure first dance, to hitched-up-skirt twerk, there is a wide (very wide) spectrum of music from which to choose. 

The first decision you'll make is the delivery method. DJ, live band, string quartet, hip acoustic troubadour, or a mixture of them all—sometimes each moment needs it own soundtrack—and there are so many options.  

Whatever the style, we've come up with some simple dos and don'ts to make sure your matrimonial music hits the right notes. 


Know your audience:

If you happen to be the only Belieber (aka Justin Bieber fans) amongst a crowd of metal heads, go light on the cheesy pop tunes. Yes, your wedding day is all about you, but you don't want to be the only one on the dance floor either.

Make it fun:

This is not a somber occasion. Even if you are a serious music appreciator, there's nothing wrong with throwing the occasional Wasn't Me by Shaggy-style tune into the mix. It's meant to be fun, rememeber?

Mix it up:

Whether it's a DJ, or an '80s cover band, you want to make sure there is something on the play list everyone can identify with. Just 'cause they are old, doesn't mean your grandparents don't appreciate rhythm!

Make it flexible:

Most people will dance to most things—especially if the bar is open—but if the DJ or musician is struggling to get people moving, make sure they can read the crowd and adjust. If you are playing off your own iPod, preload enough music to change tack if necessary. 


Choose songs for your first dance with accidental hidden meanings:

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2 may have a great melody (perfect for waltzing) but it's somewhat foreboding lyrical content isn't the best way to convey your wedded bliss. Another no-no: Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Girl can belt out a tune but it should be kept in the domain of break-up songs. 

Play vomit-worthy cliché songs:

You know the ones. Grease Megamix, we're looking at you. When you're five Champagnes down, you probably won't argue, but that is the problem. 5-Champagnes-Down-You has bad taste. Choose responsibly so you and your friends don't  wake up with d-floor regret.

Play the music yourself:

Unless of course you are musically talented. Then, of course, go at it. But honestly, you should be busy with other things on your big day. Like getting married. 

Allow requests, or general guest access to the music:

This is a recipe for disaster. You've just spent a whole bunch of time selecting the music, are you going to let someone ruin the vibe of the night with bad requests because you can't say no? Have a 'No One Touches the iPod Policy'. It'll make things much easier.

All in all though, your music is supposed to be about you and your friends dancing like no one is watching, on the most important day of your life, so screw the rule book and have fun!

Image credit: Daily Glow   

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