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10 Life-Changing Hacks That Are All About Treating Yo’self

By Sophie Oddo
1st Oct 2018

It’s no secret that we ain’t getting any younger.

Our high school days are well and truly behind us, we’ve got full time jobs, responsibilities and perhaps even a mortgage (if you’re lucky).

We’re adults now, and the pressure to be responsible, save for a house, a family and a future are settling in. Being frugal and having the restraint to say no to the smash avo is a great life tool, but sometimes we wonder if we’re being a lil' too harsh on ourselves when it comes to pinching pennies. After all, what’s the point of makin’ cash money if you can’t spend it?

A lot of the time it’s OKAY to be a cheapskate, but we’re here to tell you that sometimes it’s worth the splurge. So to help make sure you’re not blowing cold hard cash on stuff that just don’t matter, we’ve mustered up ten of the best life-changing hacks that are all about treatin’ yo'self with thanks to our great pals at Custom Plates.

#1 Up Your Date Night Game

Now when we say 'date night', this is not exclusive to couples. In fact, we seriously advocate for fancy friend dates on the reg. There’s no greater feeling than wineing and dining yourself at a hot new restaurant or getting delicious cocktails at a trendy buzzing bar.

You just ain’t living life if your hangouts consist only of BYO Chinatown dinners or Uber Eats on the couch feat. Netflix. So dress up, spend up and enjoy quality time catching up with a friend or S.O at that exxy new place you’ve been dying to try!

Want to hear the best news? Our mates at Custom Plates are giving away the date night of your dreams worth over 5k!

#2 Cut Those Kidult Ties

Have you ever been using a knife so blunt that it can’t even cut a tomato without pulverising it to a mush? Yeah, we have, and it sucks. You’re an adult now and that means you buy yourself those razor-sharp ~sexy~ knives!

No skimping on a $20 KMart set (still love you tho KMart), they might set you back a few hund-gey but the cost per use on a good set of knives is absolutely priceless. Say no to sad squashed tomato and yes to satisfying slicing.

#3 Curl Up, Nice N' Cosy

It is the warmest of hellos in the evening, the saddest of goodbyes in the morning, your safe haven, your constant, the only one who understands you when you’re hungover; your one, your only, your bed. Now you may have thought that was a tad dramatic, but seeing as though we spend a third of our life in bed (or if you’re like us, probs more), we think spending big on bedding is a no brainer.

That means taking the time to work out what kind of mattress you like (yes, that may mean lying on 18 before you know) and then inve$ting. Oh, and don’t forget to get legit pillows (memory foam, feather, European, the list goes on...) and quality sheets, we recommend a delicious linen set or 300-count thread cotton.

#4 Pimp Your Ride

Let’s be honest, life is pretty hectic and sometimes we can really use and abuse our cars. They’re the trusty companion that gets us from A to B and sometimes we can fail to show him or her the TLC they deserve.

If you’ve never experienced the magic of a detail clean, we seriously recommend you get on board. Your baby will feel like it’s brand new and although it’s a pricey job, it’s the closest way to getting that new car feeling without actually getting a new car. Want your car to be even more extra? Why not invest in some ‘I Love’ custom plates to really show your car the lurrrve it deserves. Don't act like you haven't picked out yours already with a special flava added. The wait is over, the time is now people.

#5 Capsule Collection

If you don’t already know, a capsule collection is a collection of clothes that should last you a v. long time. They won’t date, they’ll go with all your seasonal pieces and they’re of course, good quality.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to invest big for them to last a lifetime. But dw, clothes that last thaaat long have a very low cost per wear, so you can absolutely justify the $$$ you’re about to throw down. Our top picks to get you started? A good branded pair of jeans, white sneakers and a leather jacket.

#6 Self-Care Skincare

Not taking proper care of your skin is all fun and games until all of a sudden you’re looking in the mirror and wondering what the hell happened to your youthful, fresh, dewy glow. Your skin is important people, it’s on your face!

Don’t fret, you won’t need to spend thousands spending big on each step of a 10-step routine, but you’ll definitely need a few big players among the crew. Our recommended life-changers are a good quality brightening vitamin C serum and a potent eye cream. Try to keep within the brands you already use on your skin so as not to confuse your current PH balance.

#7 A Gym Membership (You’ll Actually Use)

The key words here are “actually use”. We’re not talking about your $14 per week membership that you have because you feel like you should and you plan to get into the routine of using it… one day. We’re talking about doing some kind of physical activity that you actually ENJOY.

We don’t care if it costs you the same amount as a “nice meal out with drinks” each week, this is your body and you only have one! So whether it be reformer pilates, hot yoga, dancing on spin bikes or cross fit, it will seriously change your life to get into a routine of being active - now that’s priceless. 

#8 Fresh flowers

A bunch of blooms are extremely underrated, but seriously therapeutic. There’s nothing more wholesome than waking up early, going for a walk, hitting up your local markets and scoring a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Not only are they beautiful, they smell great and they’ll brighten up even the drabbest of rooms. Make sure to opt for Australian natives, orchids and chrysanthemums if you want your little flower babies to last a little longer. Stretch them out for a week and the cost won't hit your wallet hard.

#9 Vacays (That Are Actually Relaxing)

Okay so it’s important to take note of the last four words here. Quite often we indulge ourselves in a luxe holiday, but it’s so filled with sight-seeing and boozing you end up returning home more exhausted than when you left.

If you want a vacay that’s actually going to be life-changing, make sure to take the time out and actually do close to nothing for a few days. Get amongst nature, read a book, swim in the ocean. Just be. Seems like a strange concept I know, but trust us…it’s good stuff. Note: If you buy it for your S.O. it will be even more rewarding - two-for-one, you know?

#10 Quality Headphones

Now, unless you’ve experienced the magic of a good set of headphones or earphones, you’re probably not going to realise how important they are in taking your life from 0 to 100.

Listening to dope music out of non-dope earphones is like drinking Dom Perignon with OJ - you’re ruining it! Treat your music like the Dom it is and drink it in with the epic pair of headphones it deserves. BTW, they’re also life changing for travel (see #9).

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