10 Outdoor Activities You Should Do In Melbourne Before Summer Ends

By Ben Tyers
8th Feb 2017

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All good things must come to an end. And of course, that includes our beloved summer. It’s been a summer full of highs and low-pressure systems (who could forget that late December downpour), there have been sharks visiting our lovely bayside beaches as well as some unwanted faecal guests as well.

But there’s not point sitting on your laurels and giving up now that there are only 3 weeks left, get on out there and make the most of it.

Here are 9 outdoor activities you can still enjoy before summer ends.

1. Strap On Your Helmet And Hit The Bike Trails

Not only does Melbourne have great bike paths and trails like the Capital City Trail, but if you fancy hitching your bike to the back of your car and heading out further there is plenty to find.

You can find 5 of the best Victorian mountain biking trails here.

2. Avoid The Sharks, Head To Your Local Pool

With all the nasties that have been washing up on our fair shores, you’re probably just better off avoiding Port Phillip Bay altogether unless you’ve managed to acquire a full dive suit that nothing can bite or enter.

The safer bet is to find your local pool, pay a couple of bucks to get in and enjoy water that is the perfect temperature away from sharp teeth and excrement.

Not sure where your local is? Here’s our comprehensive list of Melbourne’s public pools.

3. Wash Off Those Hiking Boots And Go For A Stroll

Your hiking boots have probably been hiding in the cupboard for a while (if you’ve got them at all), but it’s worth dusting them off for a couple more leisurely strolls through the Victorian wilderness before summer ends.

Of course, you might have to share the trail with a couple of friendly snakes, but the fresh air and scent of eucalyptus is more than worth any slippery encounter.

We’ve put together a list of the best hikes around Melbourne here.

4. Float Down The Yarra River In A Dinghy

The Inflatable Regatta is back once again in 2017. This is your chance to float in an inflatable dinghy down some of the nicer parts of the river that runs upside down. Tickets aren’t technically still available, but there’s a wait list if you’re made keen. Either way, you can head along and sit on the banks (The best place to view the event is on the west bank of the Yarra, the Capital City Trail between Bridge Road and Yarra Boulevard) as everyone sails on past, not the worst way to spend a Saturday.

5. Head Out On A Local Adventure

Melbourne’s not just laneways and sporting events, there is a lot of natural beauty right on our doorstep. We’re not talking hardcore rock-climbing here or abseiling, but more so taking in the beautiful nature views on a path that is suitable for your bike, or even your pram.

Here are our top 5 adventure spots in Melbourne for you to check out.

6. Exercise?

Hear us out on this. Summer is probably the most motivated you’ll be to exercise, and while everyone plans on getting into summer with their rig sorted that’s not always the case. You may as well keep the momentum going through summer, then onto the colder months, and of course, in summer you can get a lot of that exercise done outside. Why pay for a gym membership when Melbourne’s got a ton of places that you can exercise for free, check them out here.

7. Tear Into Some Ice Cream

Because when in Rome. The hot weather makes us absolute monsters for the ice cream, you can hear the faint sound of Greensleeves in the distance and you're already sweating profusely at the idea of absolutely destroying a choc dip. There's no shortage of permanent venues to get your ice cream fix either, and luckily we've put the best together for you here.

8. Quench Your Thirst In A Beer Garden

Summer’s for drinking cold drinks outside, which makes a beer garden your ultimate destination. You don’t have to worry about finding a table near an open fire in summer because the Melbourne sun is beaming down upon you with the strength of 10,000 burning logs. Grab a spot at your local, or by the water near the bay or right alongside the Yarra. Here are some beer gardens worth checking out.

9. Keep Quenching Your Thirst On A Rooftop

What’s better than a beer garden? One that’s on a roof with a pretty good view of the world’s most liveable city, that’s what. Melbourne’s got a bit rooftop mad of late, with plenty of new venues opening up in 2016. Luckily we’ve compiled them all into one handy list for you to peruse at your leisure.

10. Forget About Going Outside And Just Eat

Who are we kidding, it’s hard enough to get out of bed most days let alone go outside. But, Melbourne’s got new restaurants and cafes opening almost daily and if you don’t get out of the house and visit them now you probably won’t be doing it when it’s 12 degrees and pissing rain.

As usual, we’ve got your back, you can always keep track of what’s good right here.

Want to get an early start on the colder months? Here’s how to prepare for a Melbourne winter.

Image credit: Clem Onojeghuo, find more of his work here.

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