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11 Of Melbourne’s Best Bloody Marys

By Steph Lenehan
8th Feb 2017

bloody mary melbourne

The Bloody Mary is an absolute classic, it can be ordered at dinner to make yourself appear quite fancy and knowledgeable about cocktails. Conversely, it can be ordered the morning after a night where you completely destroyed your career with an off-handed remark while 10 drinks deep.

Melbourne’s a city that lends itself well to drinking of any kind, so here are Melbourne’s best Bloody Marys.

Long Story Short

Port Melbourne

The Bloody Mary at Long Story Short gets us, and like a fitness junkies cheat day, we get it. If you can think of one good reason not to add bacon to this already treasured hangover cure—we don’t want do about it.

Dinner By Heston


We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again and we will probably have it written on our tombstones; the Bloody Mary from Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is as ingenious as its creator. This beverage is not your average cocktail. Maybe not superb setting for sporting a hangover but definitely worth trying after an epic meal.

 Fitzroy Social


You know you’ve found your spirit guide/spirit bartender when Bloody Mary’s are discounted on Sunday. With garnishes including jalapeno cheese poppers, pork jerky and even a cinnamon sugar waffle, you can feel good about still being in your pyjamas at 3pm.

Hanoi Hannah

Prahran & Elsternwick

Just when you thought you wouldn’t be able to hold your zombie-self up any longer, out walks the waitress with a Bloody Mary that’s sporting thai basil, Vietnamese Yuzu soy sauce and, to top it off (literally) three vegetarian spring rolls. Look at that, you’re perking up already!

Yellow Bird


You might want to keep your sunglasses on for this perky place, but once you’ve collected your friends from the couch, floor and bathtub Yellow Bird has three kinds of Bloody Mary’s for the likes of everyone. Traditional is a classic favourite with pickle, tomato, olive garnish and of course, celery. If you need an extra pick-me-up why not try the Bloody Hot Bloody Mary which features red wine, Jägermeister, and house-infused chilli vodka. You’ll be a whole new you in no time. And finally, if the last thing you can ever think about is vodka, Yellow Bird also have a Bloody Maria option, made with tequila instead.

Harley House


Harley House have their own take on the classic hangover bev. Dropping in a Peruvian chilli to give it an authentic Latin American taste and also boosting their own house-made tomato sauce. This recipe is an golden-oldie.

Dr Morse


Dr Morse certainly aren’t missing out when it comes to dishing up a top-notch Bloody Mary. In it you’ll find fresh cucumber juice, soy sauce, tomato juice, Thai basil, tom yum sauce and sweet tamarind sriracha garnished with chilli dehydrated lime, all topped off with your choice of spirit.

Stagger Lee’s


The interestingly titled ‘Bucket Of Blood’ provides all your Bloody Mary needs at Stagger Lee’s. You’ll find super spicy sriracha tabasco, lemon, chili, all garnished with lime cucumber. This option is sure to get you up and going.

Magic Mountain Saloon


Venture down Little Collins Street and you’ll come across the big neon sign that announces that you’ve arrived at Magic Mountain Saloon. Their Bloody Mary includes a house made pickle mix, with a touch of spice to kick your night off right.

Borsch Vodka & Tears

 If you’re after a Bloody Mary with a Polish twist, look no further than Borsch Vodka & Tears. Served with enough veg to skip breakfast, their Bloody Mary combines homegrown garlic, and chilli infused vodka with tomato juice and fresh lemon. Na zdrowie!

Kuaizi Bar


What’s a list of about Melbourne without featuring a laneway. Take a trip down Manchester Lane Kuaizi Bar and you’ll find exactly what you’re after. Their Tom Yum Bloody Mary puts together vodka, lime juice, bird’s eye chilli, ginger, lemongrass, kafir lime leaf, a touch of fish sauce and tomato juice. Ideal.

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Image credit: Magic Mountain Saloon

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