13 Things To Do In Melbourne When You’re Hungover AF

By Ben Tyers
30th Nov 2016

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We get it. Your social calendar is overflowing with invites to Christmas parties, BBQs and that’s without even considering Friday night post-work drinks. “Just one more” you say to yourself, and before you bloody know it you’re looking at your watch and it’s 2am on a school night.

The pain hits hard when your alarm goes off at 7am, your bones creak, your head is five times its normal weight and you’ve never wanted a coffee more than this very moment. You know it’s only going to get worse from here.

We feel you. So here are 13 things to do in Melbourne when that hangover hits.

  1. Hit the couch and fire up the Netflix machine. Open yourselves up to a whole new world of outstanding shows and docos.
  2. Bottomless brunches are a thing, and they’re here to save your very slow, rough day.
  3. Yum Cha. It’s almost the perfect hangover cure. Match it with a can of Coke and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.
  4. Drop into your local 7-11 and grab yourself the biggest Slurpee ever seen on this earth.
  5. Sweat the devil out of you by heading to a local Bikram Yoga studio. Finish the session and relax in a pool of your own alcohol-tainted sweat comfortable in the knowledge that you actually did something today.
  6. Why not grab some pasta for breakfast? Now seems to be the best possible time to do that.
  7. Set yourself up in a floatation tank for a while and be alone with your thoughts. Think about all the cringeworthy things you said last night, and wonder if you’ll even have a job on Monday morning. If that doesn’t work, you can basically freeze yourself as well.
  8. Head to and kick that hangover where it hurts with their IV hangover cure. Already a hit around the world, they’ll have a permanent space in Melbourne soon.
  9. Stroll around the meat section of Prahran Market and sample every sausage that is up for grabs on the sizzling BBQs. For bonus points, head to Bakers Delight first and stock up on free samples there. DIY Bunnings snag.
  10. Do nothing at all. Don’t move a muscle. Ask Siri to order you something via UberEATs. Sure getting up to answer the door will be rough, but gee it will be worth it in the end.
  11. Hang around Maker & Monger and eat every cheesy sample they put out. Or even just buy one you cheap bastard. Their Flaming Rueben should sort you out.
  12. Go to Boy & Co and grab a fresh serving of loaded fries or potato gems. A milkshake might be in order as well, although that may be a worse decision than any you made last night depending how well you’re travelling.
  13. Hair of the dog. Get straight back into it. There are more breweries operating in Australia than ever before so there’s no excuse. For a fine whiskey you could head to Starward’s new distillery, or visit the crew at Colonial Brewing Co. for a refreshing ale.

Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

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