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14 Spots For Cute Friend Dates On Valentine’s Day

By Julia Hammond
12th Feb 2017


Valentine’s Day is upon us once again and we know not everyone is feeling warm and fuzzy about their dating history. Consider skipping the big day itself and turning this Valentines Day into a Galentine’s week.

The theory goes if you spend years meticulously dating yourself then you’ll be ready to embrace romance as soon as it waltzes your way, or at least, that’s what I tell myself. If you’re sick of taking long walks on short piers alone or having dinner by candlelight because you forgot to pay the electricity bill, why not try a few of these activities your BFFs instead. Good times and laughter guaranteed.

1. Gelato Is Good For The Soul

Ice cream could well be the best thing in the world. The only way to improve upon dairy’s greatest gift is to indulge in it mercilessly. Head out on a gelato crawl and taste the best that Melbourne has to offer. Start off with cult classic Gelato Messina, then get a little scientific at N2, enjoy some classic Italian flavours at Pidapipo and finally finish the day trying experimental flavours at Helados Jauja.

2. Do Something Crazy

Laugh until your cheeks are sore at Guru Dudu’s silent disco. Wander across Melbourne in a spontaneous flash mob while listening to uplifting music and commentary on headphones, hence the silence.

3. Let’s Get Physical

Test out a trendy new fitness regime with your workout buddy. From boxing to work out raves, everything is better in pairs.

4. Breakfast Of Champions

After that sweat sesh you should be rewarded. What could be better than grabbing a brekky board with your bestie.

5. Soak Up Some Sun And Grass

Picnics are totally underrated. We say it’s high time you made up a basket and tucked in surrounded by the trees.

6. Get Crafty

Markets provide the perfect arts and crafts inspiration for your next project. Check out all the best ones that are happening this month.

7. Get Away From The City

Sometimes it’s good to get outside the city, so grab the closest friend and take them on an adventure. Parks, points and sanctuaries are waiting for you.

8. Caffeinate And Decompress

The best gossip is shared over coffee, and the best coffee is indisputably found in Melbourne.

9. Rock Out At A Gig

There’s more to music than just having a crush on that guy or girl in a band. Take a friend to an epic gig and find out what it’s all about.

10. Try Something New

There are so many different cuisines worth trying in Melbourne and if you haven’t already, make sure to add African food to that list.

11. Relive Old Memories

Whether you’re still at uni or just want to replay the best of times you can appreciate a good old-fashioned drinking game. Find the best ones here.

12. Realise You Don’t Need No Man

Pick up a new hobby instead of a new partner. The momentum can die quickly when you start a new hobby without someone to push you through—the ‘I’ll never sing like Beyoncé’ self-doubt. That’s why we recommend trying one with a friend.

13. Movies Are Always A Good Idea

A trip to the movies is the quintessential date night, so why not toss away the romance part and head down (or should we say up) to Melbourne’s Rooftop Cinema.

14. Lift Up Your Mood With Drinks On The Roof

Speaking of heights there’s plenty of awesome rooftop bars scattered throughout this magical city.

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Image credit: Clarisse Meyer, you can see more of her work here.

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