17 Extremely Melbourne Things That Happened In 2017

By Ben Tyers
14th Dec 2017


Can you believe it? We’re almost at the end of 2017, so it’s time to review just what exactly happened this year.

Every year the events in the world’s most liveable city become more and more Melbourne, while those from other states are quick to knock us for our drinks served in jars, our coffee being served cold, they’re probably just jealous. It’s called culture excuse you.

So, we’ve put together a list of the most Melbourne things that happened in 2017. Let’s avoid the faeces and sea lice and dive right in.

  1. This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ‘sea lice’ that tore shreds off Sam Kanizay’s legs.
  2. And then we all realise the bay was full of faeces anyway. Never swimming again.
  3. The Tigers won the flag to break their 37 year drought, and Brownlow Medallist Dustin Martin found himself painted on the side of the Rowena Parade Corner Store.
  4. We were promised a superstorm the likes of which we’d never seen before. Everybody fled the office in fear, and all we got was a light shower.
  5. In keeping with tradition when there is minor flooding in Melbourne, this guy drove his Italian sports car through some water and got stuck.
  6. Melbourne was blessed with the launch of oBike, and what did we do? Threw them all into the Yarra. This is why we can’t have nice things.
  7. It was no surprise to us, but Melbourne was once again named the world’s most liveable city. Our Sydney compatriots did not agree.
  8. The Grosvenor Hotel created the food mash-up of the year by adding a meat pie to a burger.
  9. We were once again promised that there will be a train to the airport. We just have to wait a decade for it.
  10. Speaking of trains, the naming of our 4 new underground stations was left up to the public, unfortunately, none of our suggestions made the cut.
  11. Snack Packs were taken to a whole new level this year. From Doughnut Snack Packs in Ringwood to Italian Snack Packs in Preston.
  12. Not to be outdone, Melbourne restaurants also had a crack at reinventing sushi, with sushi pizza, and sushi burritos.
  13. Not content with coffee being served in a cup, Melbourne went a bit mad and started serving it in cones, avos, and god knows what else.
  14. We were the first city in the world to hold a unicorn festival. Seems about right.
  15. The Nutella Burger forced its way onto our radar in a big way, and we thank Nuts About Tella for that.
  16. We once again held a dog-friendly music festival.
  17. Anti-terrorism bollards were installed around the city, and doing only as Melburnian’s do, we dressed them up a bit.

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Image credit: The Grosvenor Hotel

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