17 Things Men Wear That Women Hate

By Anna May
24th Nov 2015

I love boys. I love their hilarious dance moves and their inability to find something from the fridge when it’s literally right in front of their face. I love that they can eat enough to feed a small country, and then poke around the kitchen for second helpings an hour later. 

Now, before this article turns into the monologue from When Harry Met Sally, let me tell you that the world is not perfect and you can’t love everything about guys. Namely their attire. And since we’ve heard quite enough about guys hating poo-catcher pants (so comfy) and gladiator sandals (they’re awesome), here are a few things about boys that us women love, ahem, a little less. 

Is this going to change them? Probably not... but isn’t it fun to dream?

1. First and foremost: skater belts. Did we travel back in time to 2001? Dealbreaker.
2. *Shudder* Cargo pants that zip off into cargo shorts. I can practically hear every woman nodding right now. 
3. White socks that are pulled up over the ankle. There is simply no excuse. Not even potential guarding against snake bites.
4. Camo. We can still see you. Unfortunately. 
5. Y-Front undies. There’s an excellent chance your mother bought them. 
6. Wallets with chains. This is not year six, guys. 
7. Suits and joggers. It’s like pouring ketchup all over a pavlova. 
8. Fake leather… We immediately assume you have shares in a nightclub somewhere. Or you’d like to. 
9. Shark tooth necklaces. You bought it from a souvenir store in Bali, didn’t you?
10. ‘Wife beater’ singlets. I bet there’s a ‘Made in Australia’ tattoo under there too. 
11. Popped-collar polos. Because Australia doesn’t have fraternities for a damn good reason.
12. Tracksuit pants in public. It’s the definition of giving up on life. 
13. Fedoras. Particularly if you claim to play ‘Wonderwall’ better than Liam Gallagher himself. 
14. Waistcoats. You are not a mixologist. Or a magician, mmkay? (Unless you are)
15. Too-tight skinny jeans. Gerard Way is not making a comeback any time soon.
16. Board shorts worn as actual shorts. There is simply no excuse. 
17. And finally, Crocs. Like it even needs to be said...

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Image credit: Reddit

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