21 Things You Need To Buy This May

By Sophie Colvin
13th May 2016

what to buy in melbourne this may

When pay-day comes around, it's like your bank account is raining cash down upon you—and look, you could be a bore and save it, or you could splash your cash on beautiful, fun, and warm things. Below is a list of the best of the best things to book and buy this May.

For all you rookies, hover over the black dot and you'll find a little info, and a link. Spend away... 


I refuse to be fooled by Melbourne's mild start to Winter—I fully expect to be dealt an Antarctic blast at any moment. And with the snuggly, chic and belly warming selection below, I'll be fully prepared. 


Is there anything better than dreaming up the perfect room, or mentally designing your ideal kitchen? I think not. Great design doesn't have to be expensive (just check out that Ikea light shade!)


Melbourne is totally buzzing with events, theatre, gigs, and other bits and bobs to see and do. All. The. Time... (Not just in the sports-packed September to March period either.) From roadtrips to bake sales, here's what I'm busting to get to. 

Not quite rolling in it this month? Head here for our best things to do for free this May!

Photo credit: Dapper Tomboy

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