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25 Things to Do in Melbourne During the Christmas Holidays

By Pip Jarvis
22nd Dec 2014

Your office has closed down and you’re stuck in the city over the festive season. No fear, Listers, we’ve compiled a list of 25 fun, frugal, and foodie things to do in Melbourne this Christmas hols. How many can you tick off?

  1. Watch ELF and Love Actually. Sleep. Repeat. Eat candy canes. 
  2. Cook the perfect turkey, for the first time in, like, ever. 
  3. Stuff yourself stupid on Chrissie Day, and wow your guests with your alcohol pairing skillz (tip—tequila does not go with glazed ham; find out what does here). 
  4. Return all your gifts on Boxing Day and buy what you really want from our epic Christmas Gift Guide. Clever. 
  5. Or catch up on some zzzs during the Boxing Day Test. 
  6. Book yourself in to one of Melbourne’s best New Year’s Eve parties
  7. Attend said party and enjoy much merriment.
  8. Master hiding your NYD hangover, with our awesome silly season beauty tips
  9. Feed that hangover with Melbourne’s best big breakfasts
  10. Then enjoy some hair of the dog with the Best Bloody Marys in town. 
  11. When the temps get going, lick your way through our lists of Melbourne’s best fro-yo and gelato
  12. Enjoy the rare wonder of an empty Melbourne café, and munch through our list of 30 of the best Melbourne breakfasts to be had right now. 
  13. Check out some outdoor cinema action.
  14. Get your feed on your feet, by seeking out the best Melbourne food trucks on the road this summer. 
  15. Once the hangover has finally subsided, get slurping on these deeelish frozen cocktails
  16. Preferably at one of Melbourne’s best rooftop bars.
  17. Or beer gardens.
  18. Where you should definitely also drink Pimms
  19. Or espresso martinis
  20. Tick off at least 10 of our 100 cheap eats under $10
  21. Kick off the New Year diet by perusing our list of Melbourne’s best thin feeds
  22. Then continue with the smugdom by reading the 19 things Melbourne does better than anywhere else
  23. Get your tickets to the last of the summer music festivals, before they book out for good.
  24. Or take a weekend trip to Bendigo, armed with our guide to the best things to see, do, eat and drink. 
  25. Hit up a pool party in the season’s hottest swimwear.

Image Credit: Barefoot Blonde

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