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32 Things To Eat In Melbourne Before 2015 Is Over

By Emilie Guillemain
13th Nov 2015


The new year is fast approaching, and with it we’re hoping to eventually achieve our “summer bod” goals (maybe) and new year’s resolutions (probably not). However, the good news is, there’s still time to indulge in all of the foods!

We've put together all the things you have to eat in Melbourne before you ring in the new year so it's time to get cracking! Or is that crackling..?

1. What do you mean you haven't been to Gelato Messina Windsor yet? Check their Facebook for the pop-culture-inspired daily specials, and get in line!
2. Looking for something a little more unique? Make sure you've tried the squid ink and nigella seed croissaint from Agathe Patisserie, which is sophisticated brunch perfection.
3. A return visit to Tokyo Tina is in order if you've not yet tried the kingfish sashimi, wasabi and apple charcoal cone. It's also totally #instaworthy as well. Bonus!
4. What's your favourite chocolate bar? If you're a fan of the big red, make sure you try the deconstructed cherry ripe dessert at South Society. Total decadance.
5. Sure, you may have headed into Lady Carolina already for the signature street food and great cocktails - but we think the end of the year calls for the must-do suckling pig feast.
6. You haven't had a hangover brunch until you've had the slow cooked duck ragu with mixed beans, smoked chorizo and a poached egg from Drugstore Espresso. Trust us.
7. Totally pic-worthy, and delicious to boot, the injectable donuts at the Ascot Food Store are a Melbourne must-do. You'll need to get there early though!
8. Miss Katie’s Crab Shack is a Melbourne staple, but now that they've moved to their new digs in Fitzroy, they've brought with them a mouthwatering revised menu, including the must-have chicken ribs.
9. Speaking of must-have's, the gingerbread pancakes lathered in maple butter are a seasonal treat during the Christmas season at Brunswick's Lucy Lockett
10. Another seasonal treat that you have to tick off your foodie bucket list before the year is over is the Taste The Cherry Trail at Prahran Market next weekend. 
11. It's no secret that over here at TUL we love our meats... and the miso butter glazed rotisserie chicken with loaded fries at Belleville is the top of our list.
12. Maple makes another entry on our list, with the indulgent maple, walnut and brown butter donut from Shortstop Coffee & Donuts the perfect summer treat.
13. If you're more of a savoury lover, another must-do by the end of 2015 is the Thai fish patty sliders at Collingwood’s Son In Law. Delish.
14. Feeling fruity? Have you indulged in the grilled lychee and passionfruit chia pudding at Mammoth yet? Well, why not?!
15. Clearly you're not a real Melburnian if you haven't wiped yourself out for the rest of the day via the epic Melbourne Madness burger from Easey’s
16. A newbie on the list, Toko’s chopped scallops with ponzu, wasabi and cucumber almost make us forgive them that they're from Sydney.
17. Sometimes the best mainstays get overlooked, so we had to include the vegetarian and vegan tacos at Trippy Taco - even if you're a meat lover.
18. After this year's crazy obsession with epic freakshakes, we had to include the rippers from Johnny Pump - they may as well count as a meal! 
19. You'll have to get your skates on to lock in a taster plate from Gazi at Taste of Melbourne this weekend.
20. Chicken waffles (you read right) with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup at FAT Fried and Tasty are an essential must-do before it gets to 40degC.
21. Pizza Faro are the garlic bread kings. Their offering is extra herby and extra buttery, so make sure you grab the garlic bread from Pizza Farro
22. If you’re a brownie fiend, the Delicious Mmmarz Brownie Block from The Brownie Bar will knock your socks off.
23. Don’t be put off by the flavour combo, the maple bacon and strawberry smuffin (not quite a sandwich, not quite a muffin) from Phat Milk is beyond delicious.
24. If you’re mad for meat, all of the game meats at Polē Polē’s BBQ Game On will be right up your alley. 
25. Who doesn’t love a cheese toastie?! The 4 cheeses Sammi Toastie from TOASTA is four times the goodness.
26.  Public Service Announcement: Fitzroy’s new party venue, Glamorama, is dishing up Lamington-fried ice cream. If that doesn't ring in the summer, nothing will.
27. Hawthorn café Bawa is raising the breakfast bar with its ricotta fritters, served with lavender custard and pecan praline. If you haven't had them yet, you're missing out.
28.Third Wave Café knows where its at, treating diners to melt-in-your-mouth pork ribs. They're an essential on your foodie to-do list this summer.
29. The perfect Peruvian combo of sweet and savoury, the sweet potato and pumpkin donuts from Pastuso come served white chocolate mousse. Get in and around them.
30. Traditional Indian dosa wraps from Overdosa tick all our end-of-year boxes. Meet you there?
31. Is there legit anything better than ice cream cookie sandwiches?! The offering at My Two Mums is next level. Don't you want to be on the next level?
32. Hang in there for a few more weeks and you’ll be able to gorge yourself on late night kebabs from Biggie Smalls opening in December! Be the first ones in line, and tick this one off your 2015 bucket list.

Image credit: Simon Shiff for The Urban List


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