4 Hot Winter Wellness Trends

By Clare Acheson
18th Jun 2015

Dark mornings? Check! Freezing walks to the tram stop? Check! Wearing as many clothes as you can physically fit onto your body and still move? Check!  Winter is definitely here, folks. If you’ve ever stood shivering at the tram stop, you’ll know that your body isn’t fond of the cold—your muscles don’t relax, your circulation suffers and you generally feel like hibernating.

To help get you through the colder months, we’ve rounded up four of the best winter wellness trends—from those that’ll warm your bones to those that’ll help keep your mind happy—that you absolutely need to check out this oh-so-cold season.

#1: Heat up those muscles without sweating everything out

Where: Sunlighten Saunas, South Melbourne

Be kind to your body by booking in for a steam-free sauna session at Sunlighten sauna centre in South Melbourne, where only 40 minutes of infra-red warmth will improve blood flow, relieve muscle tension, help with joint pain, and even improve the condition of your skin. The Sunlighten centre itself is beautiful, making for an awesome mid-week treat, and your sauna cabin session comes with plush towels, electrolyte supplements (to make sure you won’t lose any of the good stuff!) and your own private digital tablet, meaning you can adjust the sauna as you wish. Because Sunlighten’s saunas heat you up beneath the skin and don’t just make you sweat on the surface, you’ll be toasty warm all day too…Mmmmm, just what we need!

#2: De-stress with a floatation therapy session

Where: Gravity Floatation Centre, Northcote

Floatation therapy (yup, the kind where you lie in a warm salt bath in a giant pod) is the perfect winter wellness hour of power, and there’s no better place to book in for a relaxation session than at Northcote wellness hub, Gravity Floatation Centre. Not only does the warm salt solution heat you up, relax your muscles and allow your body to ease into its natural position, but the darkness inside the pod really allows you to switch off and recharge. The Epsom salts used at Gravity Floatation Centre are great for your skin too—you’ll leave feeling relaxed, nourished and warm. 

#3: Eat and exercise away your winter blues

Where: Serotonin Kitchen, Burnley

No, we don’t mean binging on doughnuts in front of Netflix and then purging with a mega gym session the next day. Serotonin Kitchen in Burnley serves nutritious juices, salads and quick bites alongside running happiness-boosting fitness classes and dishing out advice on how to change your diet and lifestyle to improve your body’s production of serotonin, aka the happiness chemical. This is particularly important during winter when your body isn’t getting as much vitamin D—which it needs to produce serotonin—from sunlight because it’s freakin’ dark all the time. Winter blues, be gone!

#4: Sort out your winter work-life balance

Where: The School of Life, Melbourne CBD

It’s soooo easy to end up staying later in the office during the winter months—it takes you longer to get going in the mornings, and you’re less prone to get stuff done quickly because the prospect of dashing to the park after work isn’t there. Melbourne ‘practical philosophy’ school (ie. the useful stuff without all the dusty old books and beard-stroking old men) The School of Life’s seminar on how to balance work with life is a must-do. If your work-life balance is a-okay, you might want to brush up on your at-work communication skills, or even reconsider how you think about the cashola you make—it all contributes to a better winter work life!

Keen to find out more about these awesome Melbourne winter wellness hotspots? Check out our article on Sunlighten saunas here, and keep your eyes peeled for our full verdict on Gravity Floatation Centre!

Image credit: Simon Shiff for The Urban List, Nick West for The Urban List, The School of Life via Facebook, Serotonin Eatery via Facebook

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