5 Plants That Are Impossible To Kill

By Rachel Lay
5th Feb 2017

5 Plants That Are Impossible To Kill

Ah, plants. You fickle, fragile little things. Yes, you’re cute and make our homes look stylish and ourselves look a little more adult. But, you know what? You’re kind of a massive pain to look after. I mean, if we can’t even bring ourselves to have the right level of water intake on a daily basis, how are we supposed to look after a plant?

Chin up, there are actually a whole heap of plants that not only are easy to look after, but kind of thrive on neglect. Honestly.


Pothos are so easy to look after. You can literally grow them in a glass of water and they’ll thrive. Seriously. They’re ‘in vogue’ at the moment too, so you’ll find them at most nurseries either growing in a hanging pot, or trained to grow upwards. But, if you’re looking to dip your toe in the, er, water you can grow these babies off cuttings in (you guessed it) water. If you decide to pot your Pothos, then water when the soil dries out and keep in indirect sunlight—too easy!


Philodendrons come in a variety of forms, but the basics are the same. They’re so hard to kill they’ve been nick-named monster plants (no, we’re not kidding). Plus, these guys were seriously big in the seventies, so if all else fails your mum will probs be able to help you out. Keep them in a roomy pot (they grow fast!) and water once the soil has dried out. But just between us, they won’t care if you forget to water them.

Common Ivy

Ivy is the prettiest little plant, that will put up with your awful plant parenting. Ask your nursery for Common Ivy and watch it grow, and grow, and grow! Keep them on a shelf and they’ll create an adorable hanging canopy. They enjoy being kept on the drier side, so only water if the soil begins to look dry. They also aren’t the biggest fans of sunlight, so being kept away from windows will do them well.

Barrel Cactus

Or any cactus for that matter, but these guys in particular. Barrel cacti are those spikey little balls that come to mind when you think ‘cactus’. Keep them in sandy soil with a teensy bit of potting soil to keep them happy, and water only when you can remember. Seriously—it’s that easy.

Aloe Vera Plants

This one is pretty special, because not only is Aloe a super pretty plant, it also acts as a natural beauty treatment, and is dead easy to look after. Similar to the Barrel Cactus, keep your aloe in a sandy potting mix and water once the soil dries down around 1cm. These guys can also be grown from cuttings.   

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Image credit: Annie Spratt

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