5 Ways to Shed the Festive 5

By Pip Jarvis
20th Jan 2015

By now, pretty much all of us are well and truly back into the daily grind—time poor, flustered, stressed. Adding to that stress for many (us included!) is an extra tight belt buckle—a nasty reminder of all that festive excess. Darn plum pudding.

If you have a little more flesh to flash than you’d like this summer, check out our top tips for healthy weight loss, and start shedding that Festive 5!


Chances are, all that calorie-laden festive food and New Year’s bubble blow out have left you feeling heavy and a little lethargic and lack lustre, with dull skin and blurry eyes to boot. Give your insides a good ol’ fashioned spring clean and embark on a juice cleanse that’ll put a pep in your step and a twinkle in your eye.

By now you know that juices aren't created equal, and when it comes to juice that is chock-full of nutritional benefits, cold pressed is best.

One of our fave juice cleanses comes from the local lads at Karmic Cold Pressed Juice. Extra props to them for the super low levels of fructose in each and every juice (less than 5%), helping you avoid a blood sugar rollercoaster ride. Choose from an Active Lifestyle, Deep Cleanse 'Yin Yang' or Deep Cleanse 'Zen', select the number of days you want to get your juice on, and your daily liquid meals will be delivered to you the evening before your cleanse kicks off. A great way to reboot your system, start you on the healthy weight loss journey, and ease you back into healthy lifestyle habits.


January can be a bit of a whirlwind and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of going for a quick and easy fast food fix. (Guilty!) Thankfully, the route to healthy weight loss needn’t lie in hours of prep in the kitchen or soul-destroying diets.

Help is at hand with a growing number of healthy, super convenient, not to mention delicious, home delivery food services. Right now, we’re pretty smitten with Youfoodz—delivering healthy, wholesome, nutritionally balanced tasty meals to Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Youfoodz meals are created fresh each day by their team of chefs and nutritionists, and delivered weekly (Friday in Melbourne). The portions will actually fill you up (hurrah!), with the menu including yum-o options like Grassfed Thai Beef & Vermicelli Salad, Florentine Eggs, and Roasted Macadamia Barramundi—all meals are delivered fresh and ready to eat.

When you try these meals you’ll never eat frozen again! There are a bunch of different Youfoodz Meal Plans available to suit your needs, but if healthy weight loss is your goal, the Urgent Fat Burner is our pick!


Newflash—you gotta move it to lose it. Sorry. We’re not happy about it either.

Any healthy weight loss plan is going to have to include some exercise. So you may as well pick an option that you’re going to enjoy!

If you have the body of a Victoria’s Secret angel in mind, might we suggest a mix of pilates and barre. Offering up some of best pilates in Melbourne, KX Pilates offer a series of classes for different fitness levels. You’ll get a full body workout, strengthen your core and realign your body (try standing on one foot without wobbling—bet you can’t), creating a lean, toned physique without adding bulk.

Classes at KX Pilates are held on Reformer machines and based on the principle of ‘Isolate, Fatigue, Stretch’, for an enhanced post-exercise result. Meaning you’ll still be burning calories hours after each session. Win!

If you want an added cardio kick, KX Barre offer some of the best barre classes in Melbourne, incorporating a kick-ass mix of ballet barre exercises, light weights, and pilates techniques that will, well, kick your ass into shape.


Your mama said it, your teacher said it, and now I’m saying it too—breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping the meal of champs is the fast track to a sluggish metabolism and a definite weight loss no-no.

But that doesn’t mean you can play Jenga with some bacon and ladle on the syrup. No siree. Instead, start the day right with one of the best healthy breakfasts in Melbourne. Or perhaps healthy pancakes or acai bowls tickle your AM fancy?


Ok, so this tip is perhaps a little dodgy. But, seriously, how many compliments do you get when you’re rocking a bit of a golden glow? While it will definitely not help you lose weight (duh), a killer fake tan makes you look a few kgs lighter. If you look good, you feel good, and are therefore less likely to reach for that deep fried Mars Bar.

Here are some of our top spots for spray tans in Melbourne.

See ya next year, Festive 5!

Image credit: Tambor Acai

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