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5 Winter Hair Trends You’ll Want To Know About

By Sophie Colvin
15th Jul 2016


We’ve all experienced that totally transformative feeling of a new hair cut. Whether it’s something drastic that has you peeking between your fingers, or a subtle change in colour, hairdressers are fairy god-people who have the ability to take you from Plain Jane to #ladyboss in under 60 minutes. I don’t know about you, but winter seems like the perfect time to up my trend game.

We spoke to the incredibly talented magicians hairdressers at Cream Melbourne in their STUNNING new salon about what’s making waves at the moment, pun intended. Here are their top six winter hair trends.

1. Statement making fringes

Statement making fringes have been cropping up on runways the world over, but it’s not one of those trends that only super models can pull off, it’s an eye-catching way to frame a face and can be paired with long or short, straight or curly hair. For something extra bold, have your hairdresser lop it off a little higher than you’re probably used to; the result is more light on your face and a super edgy look.

Style inspo: Check out Rooney Mara’s 2012 Oscar’s look. It was a few years ago, but the style is back with a vengeance this winter.

2. Long textured waves

Some form of waves have never reaalllly gone out of fashion, but the trick this winter is to make them extremely versatile. Suited to longer hair, the trick is to make sure you’re starting with glossy, healthy locks. From there it’s easy to create boho chic to red carpet-ready waves. It really is the option of being polished or undone that’s ‘in’ this winter.

Style inspo: For a more undone look, check out some of Cara Delevigne’s more recent looks (naturally). For something more polished, local legend, Bec Judd, always rocks perfectly polished waves.

3. Cheek length blunt bobs

For most people, this is a drastic move, but it also has the potential to be an absolute knock-out. We’ve seen the pixi cut and the lob (long bob) floating around for a while now, but this cheek-length bob is fresh, totally on point and perfect for winter. We’re particularly big fans of this style with a bit of texture through it as waves add a softness to the look. It’s a cut that, if done just right, can really accentuate great bone structure — the Cream Melbourne team will be able to help you with this.

Style inspo: Jennifer Lawrence really rocks this style.

4. Shorty choppy bowl cuts

Bowl cut used to belong firmly in the category of haircuts your mum gave your brother when he was four. Thankfully, this uber chic style has clambered it’s way from the early nineties runways into our salons. They’re now chic, functional and reasonably low maintenance. With some texture cut into the shape and some light tussling added to the style, you’ll be so on point (and so far from the nineties) it’s not funny.

Style inspo: Malinda Williams has really used this cut to her advantage.

5. Warm colours

On the colour front, it’s all about warmer, richer, shinier (that sounds like a daft punk lyric, doesn’t it)?!

“It’s all about glossy, rich tones. Warmer blondes, super glossy brunettes and coppers,” says Cream Melbourne’s Co-Owner and Director, Lee Scott.

People are steering away from platinum tones. The overall look is warmer, stylish and more versatile; perfect for winter!

Style inspo: Khloe Kardashian has nailed the warmer blonde tones.

Over all, this winter is all about versatility, versatility and more versatility. People want to be able to create several different looks from one haircut. And fair enough, we say.

Cream Melbourne is one of the city’s leading salons in both cut and colour. Finding a new home on the second flour of the beautiful building on the corner of Johnston Street and Brunswick Street, it’s a stunning place to hang out (and get the best damn hairstyle of your life)!

Image credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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