51 Thoughts We Had While Watching Episode 3 Of The Gilmore Girls Revival

By Millie Lester
3rd Dec 2016

Last Friday night, after the nine longest year of our lives, Netflix released ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life’ and Gen Y collectively huddled on their Ikea modular sofas, sipping Diet Coke and shedding tears for every second Melissa McCarthy wasn’t on our screens.

Here’s what went through my mind during episode 3:

  1. Alright, you know it’s going to be a good ep when it opens on a weekday pool party.
  2. Guys, Rory’s not back, she’s just taking some time off unemployment to gather herself and return to turning down employment opportunities.
  3. It's like Amy SP Googled 'teenage stereotype' for April's part.
  4. How does Rory have all three phones back?? She literally tore them to pieces not one episode ago.
  5. Cool let’s call Logan again, maybe he’s not engaged anymore.
  6. Hey Rory, you can’t get mad that Logan’s fiancé move in with him.
  7. You can get mad about turning down all those jobs though.
  8. #GypsyIsBerta
  9. Oh no the Stars Hollow Gazette is shutting down! Somebody wake up Rory!
  10. Luke + Floaty Hut 4eva.
  11. Rory has just taken another salary-free job.
  12. Knowing her, she’ll be able to fly around the world six times with that pay cheque.
  13. Michel is so good at pretending to like children.
  14. He has absolutely no loyalty to the Dragonfly Inn though.
  15. Maybe Lorelai can offer Rory a job so she can practice turning more down.
  16. I hate when I can’t remember if I ordered a baby or not.
  18. No, Lorelai, you haven’t thanked Luke for hosting Tuesday Burger Day, in fact, I don’t think you’ve given him so much as a hug in nine years.
  19. The Gilmore’s may be made for dating wealthy men, but they weren’t made for walking.
  20. Leave Emily alone, Rory, she’s just having a sleep in.
  21. Don’t you know she was married to Richard for fifty years??
  22. Stop bitching about Grandma and put the poem back in the gazette.
  23. 'Stars Hollow: The Musical that would get a standing O at any primary school'.
  24. If there's no ABBA, there's no point.
  25. There is an unrealistic representation of redheads in the DAR.
  26. It’s probably because they ran out of gays.
  27. I can’t believe Rory replaced that ancient computer with a brand new Macbook, it probably set her back a couple of Logan’s thou.
  28. Yas Jess is back!
  29. “How did you bag the job?”
  30. She didn’t turn it down, Jess, it’s amazing how many jobs you can get when you don’t turn them down.
  31. Rory must be so pissed that Jess is a successful author.
  32. Oh, you are broke Rory??
  33. Fascinating. Did you find that brand new 15" Macbook Pro in the Cole bargain bin??
  34. Rory, don’t talk down the teaching profession, you’re currently unemployed.
  35. Yaass Rory, write a book, then make a TV show, let’s go full circle. #girlmoregirlception
  36. Seriously, who is this Jack?
  37. Yeah, stay seated, Jack, Lorelai will get her own San Pellegrino.
  38. Emily is such a sour biatch to Lor.
  39. That gravestone would cost more than my car.
  40. Seriously, how can Rory afford rent when she’s the editor for the Stars Hollow Gazette??
  42. Oops, no she’s not, Lorelai ain’t givin’ her no permish for that shiz.
  43. Ok Lorelai is so mean about Jess, he wears blazers now.
  44. Who let Lane get mum hair?
  45. Rory probably paid her to do it with her imaginary income stream.
  46. Rory you can’t break up with someone who’s engaged to someone else.
  47. Apple is definitely a sponsor this season
  48. Yes, Lorelai is finally talking to Luke.Leaving for three weeks to recreate 'The Wild' book is definitely code for marrying Christopher in Paris.
  49. You can’t fool us Lorelai.
  50. We’ve been here four times before.
  51. What a fab place to end an episode.

Image credit: Netflix

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