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6 Summer Beauty Issues… Sorted!

By Pip Jarvis
18th Nov 2014

Keeping makeup from melting all over the place as the humidity rises is a serious art form.

It might still be verging on arctic in Melbourne town but, allegedly, summer is just around the corner. And while we are as happy as clams about the prospect of long balmy eve's and dips in the ocean, we're starting to fret about the impending maintenance. Gah—the maintenance! Alas, summer comes with a plethora of beauty problems, unique to the season. Fear not, dear Listers—check out our guide to defeating the heat in style!

Summer Beauty Prob #1 – Introducing Frizzilla

Ah, humidity. The enemy of good hair everywhere and the cause of many a rude word around the TUL office. Know it. Hate it. But how to fight it?

THE SOLUTION: Invest in a weekly blow dry in air-conditioned comfort at The Poodle Blow Dry Bar in South Yarra. This slick Toorak Road blow dry bar specialises in some of Melbourne's best blow dries, giving you smooth strands that'll last for days. Or, for something super low maintenance, have your fuzz tamed into beach- or bar-ready braids at the Poodle's braid bar. Perfect for party season. 

Summer Beauty Prob #2 – Too Much Hair Down There

Bikini season. Arggggghhhhhhh! If you've been making the most of winter's tights and jeans and letting your depilation slip, it's time to reacquaint yourself with your razor. 

THE SOLUTION: While we usually wax our pins, for the bikini line we can't go past laser. Sure, it's no walk in the pain-free park and it costs a few biccies, but the long-lasting, silky smooth results are priceless. Choosing a reputable clinic is ESSENTIAL, and we're big fans of Victorian Dermal Group in Kew. ??Thankfully, our friends at Vic Dermal Group insist laser hair removal is suitable all year round. As long as you don't sun bake (but you'd never do that, right?!) and always wear sunscreen (duh). 

Summer Beauty Prob #3 – Panda Eyes

Sweat, baby, sweat. Makeup running down your face is the worst, especially when it's your mascara. 

THE SOLUTION: Waterproof mascara is a must, but for something more permanent, a lash tint is the secret weapon in any savvy woman's summer beauty arsenal. Simply Brows & Lashes, Melbourne's eyebrow-threading experts, have salons in Camberwell and South Yarra and specialise in all things lash and brow related, from tints, to waxing, to eyelash extensions. 

If you're game, up the ante on the lash tint and go for natural, fluttery Mink Silk lash extensions or XD Russian volume lashes. 

Summer Beauty Prob #4 – Pale and Pasty

Porcelain skin is gorgeous, but some of us prefer the bronzed look when the weather warms up. Plus, we all know the slimming benefits of a great spray tan! But messing with pale skin is a risky endeavor, and nobody wants to look like an Oompa Loompa. 

THE SOLUTION: We're currently crushing on Bare Tan in South Yarra. These babes use an organic apple sugar solution that gives the most glorious natural golden hue (no orange tint, no siree), and doesn't stink the house out.  In fact, it even smells nice! Bare Tan products are enriched with moisturising ingredients, and they tan faces evenly. Be gone, dreaded splotches!

Summer Beauty Prob #5 – Skin Like the Sahara

Sun, air conditioning, too many summer tipples… The warmer months take their toll on the skin, which can end up dry, dull and in desperate need of a little professional TLC. 

THE SOLUTION: Help is at hand at Skinovations in Beaumaris. In addition to skin needling, professional peels, and microdermabrasion, Skinovations offer some of Melbourne's best facials to Bayside beauties. While all their treatments are lush, the Perla Facial takes it to another level. It's like a facial degustation, tailored perfectly to your skin's needs. Expect lots of layering of masks, serums, and oils, and a smooth, glowy, rehydrated visage. 

Summer Beauty Prob #6 – Fright Night Feet

Sexy summer sandals ain't so sexy when your plates of meat are dry and scaly, with cracked heels and dodgy chipped toenails. 

THE SOLUTION: While the corner nail bar is fine and dandy for your fortnightly shellac, if your tootsies have been hidden for months on end, we recommend the deliciously indulgent Signature Spa Pedicure at Miss Fox in the CBD. Over an hour, your feet will be scrubbed, buffed, detoxed, soaked, massaged, moisturised… Zzzzzz. Finish off with Aussie-made Kester Black polish for pretty little piggies. 

Check out more of Melbourne's best beauty salons and clinics here!

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