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7 Skin Sins To Avoid This Winter

By Iro Kotsimbos
19th May 2015

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Growing up, the importance of looking after my skin was something my mother attempted to drill into me. “Don’t waste your money on clothes,” she said. “Invest in your skin instead!” In typical fashion, I didn’t listen and grew up regretting not following my mother’s sage advice. Now, when Melbourne’s best facialists and skin experts talk, I listen.

One Melbourne skin clinic whose word I’ve come to take as gospel is Avenue Advanced Skin Care in Windsor, a discreet practice offering some of the best non-invasive skin treatments and facials in Melbourne. The team here, led by Dr Allan Kalus, are complete and utter experts and are in the best position to fill you in on what you should, and shouldn’t, be doing with your precious skin.

With winter well and truly upon us (seriously, we.are.freeeezing!!), we went straight to Avenue Advanced Skin Care for their expert take on the most common winter skin sins, and what you should be doing instead.

After all, looking after your skin is one of the best investments you'll ever make!

Sin #1 – Skipping sunscreen

Do you think that just because the sun has seemingly disappeared that it’s okay to skip the sunscreen? Nuh-uh, Listers, think again! Regardless of whether or not it’s a bright, sunshiney day, a broad spectrum SPF is an absolute must—the sun’s not going anywhere so neither should your daily sun protection. The Avenue Advanced Skin Care team confirm sun damage is the number one cause of ageing and recommend a sunscreen such as PCA Skin Weightless Protection to ward off the rays on a day-to-day basis.

Sin #2 – Not treating your pigmentation during winter

Sure, you can treat your pigmentation all year round, however if there’s a certain time to be kicking pigmentation to the curb it’s during winter! Take advantage of the break in beach time and hardcore sun exposure to tackle your pigmentation with one of Melbourne’s best facial treatments, IPL Rejuvenation. The revolutionary technology uses a non-invasive, high-intensity pulsed light to target the treatment areas with results seen after only a few sessions. It’s one of Avenue Advanced Skin Care’s most popular treatments for darn good reason!

Sin #3 – Avoiding your skin specialist’s advice

You’ve spent time, money and effort hunting down the best skin treatments and facials in Melbourne and you’re going to go home and not listen to the expert’s advice? Tsk tsk, that’s a skin sin in itself! If your skin specialist has recommended a particular course of action post-treatment, it's best to follow suit once you get home in order to see maximum results. Winter is as good a time as any to get yourself into this habit—you’ll be thanking us (and your facialist) soon enough!

Sin #4 – Not changing your skin care to suit the season

Not paying attention to your skin as the seasons change, and using the appropriate skincare to suit, is one of winter’s biggest skin sins. Avenue Advanced Skin Care’s pro tip? Lather on the nourishing oil-based (rather than water-based) moisturisers, plus a hydrating mask once a week, for plump, glowing skin.

Sin #5 – Sticking to the same old skin treatments

Just like you would swap the tank tops for cosy knits as the temperature starts to drop, you should also switch your detoxifying summer facials for richer, more hydrating treatments in winter. We’re OBSESSED with Avenue Advanced Skin Care’s HydraFacial, one of Melbourne’s best facials to see you through winter, however their Peels, as well as Dermasweep, are equally as good.

Here’s the best part, Listers; if you book in for a HydraFacial between now and 7th June 2015, the Avenue Advanced Skin Care team will add a complimentary LED Light Treatment to your session—all you have to do is mention The Urban List when you're booking!

Sin #6 – Washing your face under the showerhead

We’ve all been there…it feels like it’s minus 92375 degrees and huddling under a hot shower is pretty much the best idea since, well, ever. But resist the temptation, Listers! Not only is hot water drying for the skin, the force of the showerhead can damage the skin’s surface. Stick to splashing your face with warm (not hot!) water instead.

Sin #7 – Skipping exfoliation

We get it. It’s winter and your skin is dry, sensitive and irritated. Regular exfoliation is the last thing you should be doing…right?! Wrrrrrong! Avenue Advanced Skin Care can’t stress how important it is to keep up exfoliation during the winter months; otherwise, how on earth are you going to get rid of the dull, dry, flaky skin cells? It’s not about cutting out exfoliation in your skincare routine, it’s more so about choosing the right exfoliation for your sensitive winter skin. CosMedix Purity Solution and Purity Detox Scrub are two brilliantly gentle, yet effective, exfoliating options.

Keen to book in at one of Melbourne’s best skin clinics? Find out more about Avenue Advanced Skin Care right here.

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