8 Of The Best Super Bowl Ads

By Julia Hammond
6th Feb 2017

The Super Bowl is the one time of year we switch from avoiding commercials to seeking out the very best. We want to make sure you're up to date with current events and dinner party conversation ready at all times, so with that in mind here are a few of the best Super Bowl LI commercials to keep you in the loop.

1. Best Australian Cameo

Beer commercials are a Super Bowl staple, but this year Aussie wine label Yellow Tail has found a way into the exclusive club. Party with a roo on the roof anyone? 

2. Best Short And Sweet Ad

Skittles trademark 'taste the rainbow' campaign takes on young romance.

3. Best Use Of A Secret Society

No spoilers, but a few major secrets will be revealed.

4. Best Celebrity Cameo 

Melissa McCarthy becomes an environmental hero with a streak of bad luck in Kia's 8th consecutive Super Bowl commercial.

5. Best CGI Dance Moves 

Cleaning the house has never looked so good. 

6. Best Use Of #girlpower 

Clearly inspired by the hugely popular AFLW, Audi takes on gender equality in this year's commercial.

7. Best Football Themed Ad

Everything is cuter when it involves kids. Watch till the end for a sneak peek of another famous Aussie in this Buick commercial.

8. Best Political Ad

84 Lumber pulled out all the stops with their effort. The actual wall was removed from the TV version, but there's no mistaking which current events inspired this ad.

What are we going to watch now that the Superbowl is over? Well, here are some thought starters.

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