8 Reasons Meatballs Are The King Of Comfort Food

By Ellen Seah
28th Apr 2017


Here at The Urban List, we love balls. Big balls, little balls, cheeky balls and perfectly round balls—Meatball & Wine Bar have some of the finest balls in town (we’ll vouch for them). And the most recent addition to the MBWB family, the Chapel Street venue is one of the cosiest, sleekest spots around.

With the weather getting colder and the nights getting darker in Melbourne, here are all the reasons you need some big (meat)balls in your life.

#1 Italian = Best Comfort Food  

Ask any fair foodie what cuisine takes the most delicious crown, and you’re likely to hear “Italian” more often than not. Rich, herby and (more often than not) loaded with carbs and cheese, they’re the type of dishes you take to bed and still eat for breakfast the next morning. Dishes (and meatballs OFC) at Meatball & Wine Bar are rooted in hefty Italian heritage, from the local ingredients to the extra love that goes into preparing each meal.

#2 The Finest Quality Produce

Speaking of ingredients, Meatball & Wine Bar’s pantry will rival your Nonna’s (and certainly put your damp and dodgy share house cupboard to shame). From beef balls made from 100% pasture-fed Black Angus beef to veggie balls using homegrown, locally sourced greens—only the best of the best are served in this Italian home. The MBWB team have even welcomed a butcher shop, Mr Macellaio's Meat Shop, to their Italian fold this year.

#3 You Can Completely DIY

If you want to pair up a fish meatball (market fish, dill and lemon) with Italian Tomato sauce and finish it with creamy polenta, nobody is going to judge you (much). Choose between five meatballs (the pork with fennel, sage and orange is a crowd fav), three sauces and a handful of “sotto palle” (something for your balls to sit on) to create your ultimate winter comfort dish.

#4 …Or Just Eat All The Carbs

Fancy the age-old classic, spaghetti and meatballs? Meatball & Wine Bar have that covered too. Better yet, upgrade to the Giant Pork & Veal Meatball served in all its glorious enormity with creamy red sauce, pan-friend gnocchi and garlic bread. Penne pasta with mini chicken meatballs are tossed through Hulk-green, fresh basil pesto and light bocconcini.

#5 Sandwich Them, Joey Tribbiani-style  

Your favourite ball and sauce can be sandwiched between pillow-soft brioche buns for three of the ultimate cheesy, buttery sliders. The Meatball Smash is another strong contender with a smashed veal and pork meatball open sandwich, topped with dollops of creamy red sauce and cheese. We love cheese. 

#6 You Can Stick To Salads Without The Side Of Food Envy

Usually when your sorry-excuse-for-friends are scoffing down meatballs and slurping up al dente pasta, your healthy bowl of greens starts to look as appealing as a bottle of stale water. Not the case at Meatball & Wine Bar. Pulled pork salads are topped with pork crackling (drool…) and served with drizzle of wasabi aioli, while the pea, mint and fregola chicken meatball salad is served with a side of focaccia bread. If your diet can’t handle focaccia, make room.

#7 Drinks, Dranks And Top Ups Are A Must

When in meatballs, drinks are a non-negotiable. From the Spritz Pop, an Aperol spritz with an Aperol and orange icy pole (we’re not kidding), to Limoncello Frizz with limoncello, prosecco and lemon sorbet, your comforting plate of meatballs are only made better by these playfully innovative cocktails. A wine menu with a focus on natural wines is also on offer.

#8 Starters & Desserts Are Definitely Acceptable

A meatball meal isn’t complete without a meat-y start. Try the beef carpaccio, a delicate dish of thinly sliced raw beef, parmesan, capers and radicchio. A Whoopie Mac for dessert is a must. Choose your favourite cookie sandwich some homemade ice-cream between their crumbly goodness.

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Image credit: Griffin Simm for The Urban List 

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