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9 Locally Brewed Beers You Need To Drink This Summer

By Ben Tyers
20th Dec 2016

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Beer, glorious beer. There’s never a bad time to drink a cold frosty beer, but having a beer in summer always feels a little bit different. Maybe it’s because time moves a little slower, you might be at the beach, at a BBQ, or taking part in a bit of backyard cricket—whatever it is, you're relaxed.

There are more breweries currently operating in Australia than ever before, and Melbourne (plus the rest of Victoria) is certainly pulling its weight when it comes to sheer volume of beer being produced.

So what better way than to spend the season with a beer that’s been brewed in the great state of Victoria, here are 9 locally brewed beers you need to drink this summer.

Small Ale | Colonial Brewing Co.

Port Melbourne

Hailing from Margaret River, this fine beer purveyor has recently set up shop in industrial Port Melbourne. Taking over the site formerly held by Matilda Bay Brewery they’ll be churning out copious amounts of their amber delights.

They’re all magnificent beers, but we recommend grabbing yourself a Small Ale, which lighter in alcohol and is perfect for those sunny afternoons. The 360-degree lid is also a great talking point at a BBQ.

Grab one at Riverland.

Once Bitter | Collins Street Brewing


A brewery on Collins St you ask? Well, not technically, but Collins Street Brewing have created a beautiful golden ale that will certainly feel at home amongst the 5pm beer drinking crowd in the CBD.

Grab one at The Workers Club.

Gipps St | Stomping Ground Brewing Co


What you’ve got here is a glorious American pale ale that goes well with any summer afternoon, or burger, or parma, or steak, or anything for that matter. Order it by the pint for a zero regret afternoon/evening.

Grab on at The Local Taphouse.

Furphy | Little Creatures


Brewed from only the finest Victorian ingredients, Furphy goes well with any activity. The name itself harks back to the early days of settlement in Victoria where every farmer had a Furphy tank on their property, Little Creatures have well and truly kept the legacy alive with this easy drinking ale.

Grab one at Newmarket Hotel.

Quiet Deeds Session Ale | Red Island Brewery

Port Melbourne

Cans are well and truly back (did they ever actually leave?) and the Session Ale is one of the best examples you’ll find of a classic summer ale. Packed full of citrus and passionfruit flavour and aromas, you’ll be smashing down these cans all afternoon long.

Grab one at Entrecote.

Golden Ale | Red Hill Brewery

Red Hill

Red Hill Brewery has been putting together classic ales for more than a decade in their bush surrounded brewery, and our pick is the Golden Ale. What you get here is a pale and crisp light bodied ale, and if you’re at the brewery you’ll find it goes nicely with the smoked meats served up by Red Gum BBQ.

Grab one at Red Hill Brewery.

Kung Food Rice Lager | 2 Brothers Brewery


Now I know what you’re thinking…..rice lager? Well, it’s about one thousand times better that you think it is. Sure you have the odd bit of saké when you’re knee deep in teppanyaki, but rice lager seems like a bit of stretch. Well, the geniuses at 2 Brothers have created a lovely pale lager with hints of light citrus and passionfruit. Marvellous.

Grab one at 2 Brothers Brewery.

Steam Ale | Mountain Goat


One of the old stagers of the craft brewery market here in Victoria. Setting up shop in beer mecca Richmond almost 20 years ago, Mountain Goat has constantly maintained a high bar when it comes to locally brewed wares. The Steam Ale is a classic session beer that you need to be all over if you’ve never had one.

Grab one at Mountain Goat Brewery.

Collingwood Draught | Thunder Road Brewing Company


A new player in the draught scene, Collingwood Draught draws inspiration from Victoria’s proud brewing heritage, particularly the Yorkshire Brewery (which still stands as part of an apartment complex). This refreshing lager has a malty aroma and a subtle sweetness, goes ideal with any bbq fare.

Grab one at Thunder Road Brewhouse

Feel like grabbing a classic pot and parma? Here’s our list of the best you’ll find in Melbourne.

Image credit: Colonial Brewing Co.

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