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A Harry Potter AR Game Is Coming—And It’s Better Than Pokémon Go

By Jessica Pridmore
9th Nov 2017


Remember last year when you’d see clusters of people roaming the streets, phone-in-hand, achieving literally nothing because they (read: we) were all too busy capturing Pikachus and Jigglypuffs with Pokémon Go?

Instead of using our working hours spare time tech-toxing or working on our fitness, the whole world was focused on mastering battle skills and catching ALL the Pokémon characters. Ahh, what a time it was to be alive…

Because we can’t get enough of our mobiles—or, it seems, be even less into IRL interaction in 2017—the gaming company behind the impossibly popular Pokémon Go have confirmed they are developing an augmented reality Harry Potter game. Whaa?

Enter; Wizards Unite! We’ll be honest, we’re pretty damn excited!

Like Pokémon Go AR gameplay, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will feature similar aspects of immersive adventure-style gaming: from exploring real-world locations, casting spells, engaging with much-loved characters from the Harry Potter franchise and seeking out challenges, wizard battles and magic tasks, this is one sorting hat short of a place at Hogwarts!

Harry, Ron, Hermione, even Dumbledore; the gang will all be here bringing J.K Rowling’s magical world to a street/park/boardroom near you.

Accio, world!

Image credit: Harry Potter

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