This Melbourne Burger Joint Is Giving Away Free Burgers For Life!

By Clare Acheson
28th Jun 2016

This is NOT a drill, burger lovers. The rumours are true: You could be biting into one patty a day for the rest of your life, entirely free, thanks to one of Melbourne's most famous burger institutions. I know, it sounds too good to be true, and we almost thought it *was* too good to be true, until we realised that these burger lords were 100% serious. 

The team behind Mr Burger, who are responsible for some of Melbourne's top patty-serving burger bars and food trucks, are giving one lucky person the opportunity to become Australia's Next Mr (or Mrs, or Ms, or Dr, Lord or Sgt...) Burger in their latest, totally ker-azy challenge. The title will come with a prize of one free Mr Burger burger per day, for LIFE. All you need to do to be in the running for this epic prize is:

1. Change your last name to 'Burger'—Wait, WHAT?!

2. Yep, you legally have to change your legal name with the help of the Australian government, which you can do with this handy form

3. Send the Mr Burger team an email with a copy of the name change confirmation from the government. 

4. Pray that you're one of the lucky winners. They're going to pick a few!

As usual, there are heaps of legalities (like you have to keep your name as burger and can't just change it back), but hey, it's worth it for such an epic prize, right? Entries close on 31 July, so you'd better get that name change application in soon for your chance of burger glory.

Image credit: Mr Burger via Facebook

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