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All The Christmas Flicks Dropping On Netflix This December

By Jessica Best
23rd Nov 2017

All The Christmas Flicks Dropping On Netflix This December

Yeah, it’s the binge-list to end all other lists. Whack on some tinsel and swig back the eggnog, Netflix is treating you to a Christmas drop so damn good that the Tamagotchi you got from Santa back in ‘04 will fade into a distant memory.

Guys, this line-up does not disappoint. You’re in for the ultimate classics, musicals, comedies and Netflix originals to boot. And before you all lose your minds, we knowwww Love Actually isn't on the list but Netflix just hasn't jumped on that wagon yet. 

Here are all the Christmas flicks dropping on Netflix this December!

Miracle On 34th Street

1 December

It’s the OG of all Christmas movies so stall your binge fest of The Sinners and make like a true believer (plus it’s actually a feel-good movie).

It’s A Wonderful Life

1 December

Turn it back a notch (all the way to the fab 40s) and sink down to watch the ultimate Christmas fantasy comedy-drama. Yeah, so it didn’t do so well when it first came out but this classic is now a must-watch during the festive season.

Jingle All The Way

1 December

Apart from being the perfect movie to play a Christmas-themed drinking game (like taking a swig every time someone says “Turbo Man” or “Buster”) Jingle All The Way is that random movie you used to have on VHS. Yeah, Google it.


1 December

Let’s be honest, we all have an inside ‘Buddy The Elf’ and this movie has become an iconic and glorious reel of quotable one-liners.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

1 December

Sorry but if you don’t remember the rambunctious dog of our generation’s childhood, you need to leave. And no, it’s not just a movie for little people.

Trolls Holiday Special

6 December

Look if you’re a kidult at heart or just find yourself constantly in the company of little people, Trolls Holiday Special is a godsend either way. Each to their own.

El Camino Christmas

8 December

You know anything scripted by Ted Melfi (Hidden Figures) is going to be a hit. El Camino has a killer cast line-up with Tim Allen, Vincent D’Onofrio and Luke Grimes all making up the actor ensemble. This one’s a Netflix original and a dark comedy so expect a wet-your-pants-while-laughing kind of affair.


8 December

It’s the man, the myth, the legend—Bill Murray. Scrooged is the 80s Christmas comedy film set to bring you all kinds of festive nostalgia where Murray plays a cynical TV executive who gets haunted by a couple of spirits on Christmas Eve.

White Christmas

8 December

Romantics and musically-savvy people can rest assured that they’re also well catered for this December. Behold, White Christmas, the visually game-changing film that stumped America in 1954 (something about it being shot in high resolution) but let’s be honest, we’re all just here for Bing Crosby #cutie.

Christmas Inheritance

15 December

Oh yes, another Netty OG is dropping this Christmas. It follows an heiress, Ellen Langford, who gets stuck inside a town inn because of a snowstorm. And you guessed it guys, she ends up finding out the true meaning of Christmas and of course, there’s a love story here too.

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