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This World-Famous Creepy AF Show Is Finally Coming To Melbourne

By Clare Acheson
12th Oct 2017


Calling all Melbourne hedonists: If you’re a sucker for a mind-blowing experience that will simultaneously knock your socks off and freak you the f#ck out, you’re going to want to read on.

LA-based performers ALONE—aka. a group of insanely talented actors, artists and creatives—are bringing their very own brand of “immersive horror theatre” to Melbourne for five nights only, thanks to the mastermind behind St. Jerome’s—Jerome Borazio.

And if our test-drive of the creepy AF night out, titled THE / / / / / SEQUENCE is anything to go by, it’s going to be the hottest ticket of 2018.

How It Works

Unlike other shows that draw from a similar pack, such as Sleep No More (the Shakespeare-inspired New York-based show that takes place as punters explore an abandoned hotel instead of on a stage) ALONE’s 60-minute performance takes place on the streets of Melbourne’s CBD, amongst everyday people who have absolutely no clue that you’re participating in this elaborate, secretive world.

The whole thing takes place after dark when attendees are required to meet at a secret address, in sensible footwear and totally alone. After handing over your bag to be cloaked, you might be bundled into the elevator of a disused office block by a security guard, or chased down a corridor that suddenly turns pitch black by a mysterious hooded figure, who then hands you an iPod and tells you to follow the directions played through crackling earbuds that take you out into the city’s laneways. It’s not long before you’re questioning if passers-by are in fact actors, as your night turns into a particularly gripping episode of Stranger Things meets The Truman Show.

If you’re lucky, your night could involve a stranger at one of the CBD’s swankiest bars offering to buy you a drink… And then handing you a puzzle to solve before running, terror-stricken, out the door, before you can say ‘cheers’. Creepy stuff, indeed.  

The show will run for five nights, kicking off next Valentine’s Day. Melbourne, get ready for the ride of your latte-sipping life.

The Details

Where: It’s a secret. Each participant will be told the location a few day’s beforehand.
When: Tickets go on sale Monday 16 October. The show will run for five nights from 14 Feb 2018.
For more info, click here. To get the pre-sale password, just sign up on the website. 

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Image credit: Alone

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