Be a Happy Little Vegemite at Melbourne’s Best Cafes

By Megan Osborne
6th Dec 2014

Vegemite, you either love it, or you love to hate it. Here at the Urban List, we swing for the pro-Vegemite team, and if you’re like us and you love it, you really, REALLY love it. You will defend it from ignorant foreigners. You will try new and inventive ways to eat it—daily. And you’ll wear the Happy Little Vegemite badge with pride.

Well, do we have exciting news or WHAT!? Some of the best cafes in Melbourne are jumping on board the Vegemite train, and have partnered with the iconic brand to showcase the versatility of the salty spread. One cool-as café Joining this epic venture is Dead Man Espresso in South Melbourne, serving up a fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw and Vegemite mayo!

Also on board is Little Tommy Tucker in Bentleigh, with their mouth watering Vegemite mac and cheese (can we say hell yeah to comfort food!?). Penny Farthing in Northcote will be dishing up some spiced Vegemite chutney with polenta chips, smoked salmon and avocado, while Pillar of Salt in Richmond are bringing out the big guns with Vegemite and beef brisket sliders! 

Last but not least, Tall Timber in Prahran is putting on a tomato and Vegemite quesadilla, mixing things up Mexican style!

Wow, what variety (much salt, very mighty!)! Amirite, Listers?

And it’s not all naughty. A good thing to remember is that Vegemite is a rich source of vitamin B1, B2 and B3! 

Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1? If it’s to get to these cafes and munch on these salty, savoury, sexy sliders, salmon and sangas, then you sure are!

Image credit: Pillar of Salt.

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