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Bendigo Is Hosting A Creepy House Of Mirrors

By James Shackell
6th Apr 2017


Remember those wonky fairground mirrors you used to mess around with as a kid? The ones that made you look 10-ft tall? Yeah…this isn’t like that.

Bendigo Art Gallery has a House of Mirrors that is deliberately designed to mess with your brain. Installation artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney took 55 tons of steel and mirrors and basically built a creepy, reflective labyrinth that “plays with themes of uncertainty, thrill and paranoia”. No added effects or special lighting. Just lots of mirrors, endless images, and you in the middle desperately seeking an exit (or a bathroom).

Wagstaff and Courtney wanted the maze to be a riff on the darker side of altered consciousness, which sounds a bit like the plot for Inception. But hey, it worked for Leo. Just remember to bring your spinning top thing.

Where: Rosalind Park, Bendigo
When: 7 April–30 April, 2pm–9pm
For more info, click here.

Image credit: City of Bendigo 

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