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Everywhere You Can Play Paintball In Melbourne

By Millie Lester - 03 Jul 2018


It’s been on your bucket list for a decade, it’s the reason you almost always miss your train in Melbourne Central and it’s what every staff group in every rom com ever does for corporate bonding. It’s paintball. And fortunately for you, we’ve rounded up all the places you can play it in Melbourne, because what better excuse to get out of house than in the name of war?

Here’s everywhere you can fire paint pellets at your friends and not get arrested in our wonderful city.

World Series Melbourne Paintball

Oakleigh / Little River

Boasting Melbourne’s cheapest paintballs, World Series is the most centrally located of the lot, sitting pretty in little old Oakleigh. They subscribe to the philosophy of accuracy through volume, which is code for ‘we sell our paintballs at bargain prices so you’ve got a better chance of hitting stuff’. Not only do they offer kiddie paintball, but they’ve got an action-packed course full of old car wrecks for the adults too (it’s also a ripper place to host a hens or bucks party).

Snipers Den Paintball Melbourne


Snipers Den has earned itself the best paintball rep in the city. It boasts nothing less than a 7-acre pro-level playing field, tournament standard gear and fully trained referees that ensure you’re getting the most hardcore paint job possible. The course itself is open to players of all abilities and is said to be the best value paintball sesh in the city. They’re also open for birthday parties, bucks parties and corporate events if you’re looking for an excuse to get back at Dave from HR for nicking your Fruche.

Delta Force Paintball


Delta Force in Dingley is famous for its movie-themed paintball sets. The course will see you ducking and weaving past key landmarks like the Egyptian pyramids, a USAF aircraft, missile silos, and the Wild West. Better yet, these guys boast a 100% safety record because each of their training team is extensively trained to ensure you don’t cop a pellet to the noggin and have to sit in the car for the rest of the bucks party.

Le Mans Paintball

Dandenong South

For something a little different, head along to Le Mans Paintball in Dandenong South where you and your mates can try your luck at a new craze called ‘Glow Ball’. Glow Ball is a combat option that’s actioned at the flick of a switch, plunging the entire arena into darkness where the only thing you can see is splatters of glow in the dark paint.

Xtreme Paintball


Xtreme Paintball in Plumpton offers two main packages—’starter’ for those who’ve never wrapped their hands around a paintball gun before, and ‘extreme’ for those who go to bed dreaming about doing it again the next day. With what is apparently the highest standard paintball facility in the entire state and the latest in paintball gear, you can be confident that you’ll be getting your money’s worth when it comes to slugging paintballs at that mate who never pays you back for brunch.

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Image credit: via Unsplash

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