Boston Sub | The Verdict

By Emily Hutchinson
13th May 2014

Serving up mouth-watering subs and Canadian style poutines, Windsor's Boston Sub is not all as it appears. Delving a little further will have you pushing past the cool-room door and into a well-hidden bustling speakeasy bar—a secret the founders Adam Paurini and Ryan Simpson are letting you in on. 

Boston Sub is sure to attract any late night Chapel Street wanderers in need of a snack. Piping hot poutines (French fries topped with gravy and cheese) and American style subs with pulled pork and coleslaw are just some of the delicious after hours snack time options on offer. 

While the commotion coming from behind the cool-room door may confuse some midnight feasters, the more savvy drinkers of Melbourne will find Kid Boston's latest venture within. 

The façade of the Boston Sub sandwich shop works perfectly to mask the frenzy coming from within the cool-room. While the sandwich artist puts on his best, 'nothing to see here' face, it only takes a look of intrigue for him to gladly let you in on the secret. Like walking into Narnia, the generously sized venue and fully stocked bar has the ability to surprise. 

The Tiki themed space is decked out with jungle-like plants and tall Tiki cocktail glasses, creating a relaxed and fun vibe. The courtyard out the back is also a key feature; much like the one at Kid Boston, it has the promise of being the perfect hotspot on a balmy summer's night. 

Once you have left, it's like nothing ever happened as you look back from street view to an unassuming sandwich shop. Boston Sub is the perfect spot to hang out with friends and discuss how awesome you are for finding the latest watering hole.

Boston Sub | 96 Chapel Street in Windsor

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