So, Uh, Broccoli Lattes Are Going To Be A Thing

By Megan Whitfield
7th Jun 2018

Broccoli lattes are a thing in Melbourne now. Or at least they will be soon, once the team at Common Folk in Mornington perfect their recipe (word is, that could be as early as this afternoon).

The idea was borne from a collaboration between CSIRO and the Mornington hotspot, after researchers developed a power made from imperfect-looking broccoli that packs a punch—one serve of veggies for every two tablespoons. But uh, why coffee?

“It’s a very Melbourne thing,” laughs Common Folk owner Sam Peck. “We find something new and our first thought is to put it in coffee.”

Research from CSIRO shows us Aussies are still slacking on our daily veg intake (sorry mum), so Commonfolk wanted to find a new way to boost our nutrients consumption. Naturally, this resulted in the birth of the broccoli latte.

It’s been a trial and error process over at Peck’s café, testing out different methods to perfect the latte flavour from the very early stages of the product. They’ve settled on “follow[ing] the concept of matcha and turmeric lattes.” No coffee, just a shot of this super powder and hot milk.

So what does a broccoli latte even taste like?

“The easiest way to describe the taste is to imagine taking a big bite out of a broccoli. Now imagine it in liquid form, “ says Sam. So uh, yeah, exactly how you’d expect. Don’t worry, he realises that’s not everyone’s cup of tea…or coffee. Reception has been fairly mixed so far.

“There’s been a split jury. Basically, it’s split between people who love broccoli, and those happy to give it a miss.” A black-coffee man himself, he tried the powder straight up with a shot of espresso. “I’ll admit, it’s not the best way to have it.”

However, greater success has been found just using the broccoli dust on top of a capp, in place of chocolate. Now that’s something we’re willing to try (I mean really, we’ve tried charcoal and algae lattes, what’s one more?).

Peck and his team are also looking at other ways they could incorporate the broccoli dust, perhaps as a garnish for their brekky dishes, or adding it to smoothies and juices.

So, time for y’all to get sippin’. Go find out who the bravest amongst your friends are. Or you know, most vitamin C deficient.

Check out Broccoli Lattes now at Common Folk in Mornington. 

Image credit: Commonfolk 

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