Cryotherapy & Floating: We Try Melbourne’s Extreme Wellness Treatments

By Ellen Seah
30th Nov 2016

We’re calling it—these are THE health and wellness treatments of 2016. The team that brought you (ultra addictive) meditative floatation therapy has just launched their newest venture in South Yarra.

Gravity’s modern, dedicated cryotherapy centre is the latest addition to the Gravity family and features Melbourne’s first whole body cryo chamber. Originating in Japan, cryotherapy has been credited for an insane shopping list of health and wellness benefits, including reducing inflammation and helping to ease muscle pain.

Strutting into Gravity’s walk-in cryo room promises better sleep, a metabolism kick and collagen production, while their sister Gravity Floatation venues are the definition of TLC for your body and mind.

Here are all the reasons you need to visit Gravity Cryotherapy and Gravity Float.

#1 -110˚ for 3 mins

If dancing to your favourite song in air below -110°C doesn’t get you excited, we’re afraid you’re a lost cause! If you are nervous about your first cryotherapy appointment (don’t worry, we promise it’s way more fun than your standard ice bath), clients are welcome to team up with their #fitspo crew to make bookings together.  

#2 …An Endorphin Rush!

Exposing your body to freezing temperatures triggers undeniable physiological responses…trust us. Cryotherapy can optimise brain function so you can expect the ultimate endorphin rush! And don’t worry—the experienced Gravity Cryo team will be monitoring you throughout your whole appointment for smooth, ice-cold sailing.

#3 Better Sleep & Collagen Production

Leaving the Gravity Cryo studio doesn’t mean the benefits stop. The treatment that keeps on giving, cryotherapy can boost immune function and improve the quality of your sleep for days after your appointment. You might find yourself donning Gravity’s adorable fluffy slippers, socks, ear muffs, robe, gloves and mask sooner than you think…

#4 A Metabolism Boost & Muscle Pain Relief

For health nuts and fit-spirational Melburnians, Gravity Cryo is a must for the ultimate metabolism boost and for muscle pain relief. Used by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and LeBron James, cryotherapy also gets The Urban List stamp of approval (obviously the highest compliment amirite?!).

#5 Would we go again? Hell yes!

It’s just too COOL to refuse (sorry).

#6 VS. 35.5˚c for 60 mins

Gravity Cryo’s sophisticated older sister (everyone knows how siblings can be), Gravity Float’s much loved Armadale and Northcote venues are a staple for meditation lovers. An oasis away from the stresses, worries and the endless to-do list that is life, Gravity Float lets clients completely relax in a sound and lightproof pod for one hour.

#7 In Total Darkness Or Colourful Light!

Choose from lying in totally darkness and disconnecting from the world or a peaceful rotating selection of lights. Either way, after a visit to Gravity Float, you’ll feel all the tension magically melt from your body.

#8 Boost Mindfulness & Creativity

Unblemished, clear water is filled with a highly concentrated Epsom salt solution which keeps the body buoyant. With the feeling of weightlessness comes enhanced mindfulness and supercharged creativity, so if you’ve got a huge brainstorming session at work or a hectic week ahead, take an hour for yourself.

#9 Ease Tension

The lightness of a floatation sesh means your overworked muscles get an opportunity to recover and bounce back from muscle soreness, fatigue and injury. 9 to 5ers, I’m looking at you!

#10 Would we go again? 100%... So zen!

There’s literally no reason not to visit.

Image credit: Griffin Simm for The Urban List.  

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