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Cult Dining Phenomenon Dans Le Noir Is Coming To Melbourne

By James Shackell
19th Dec 2017


You’ve heard the legends and seen the pictures (well, kind of) and now it’s finally coming to Melbourne—the dine in the dark phenomenon that’s wowed over 1.5m people everywhere from Paris to Auckland (seriously? Auckland got it before us?)

Yep, Dans Le Noir is bringing its sensory, eat-in-the-dark thing to the Como Melbourne, MGallery by Sofitel in January next year. Which feels like pretty much tomorrow, at the rate we’re going.

Here’s how it’s gonna work. The whole place will be in pitch darkness (duh), you’ll be guided to your chair and walked through a mystery 3-course menu, designed by The Como Melbourne Executive Chef, Dinesh Munirathinam. In theory, your sense of taste and smell should be heightened, like Daredevil, allowing you to taste flavours usually only accessible to bats and dogs. Don’t quote us on that.

"Our goal is that people go out with a question in their head - a question about the taste, a question about the way they relate with other people, a question about disability and employment" says Dans Le Noir founder Edouard de Broglie.  

The really cool thing? The restaurant will be working with a range of not-for-profits that help people who are blind. Places like Vision Australia, SensWide and Blind Sports Victoria will all be working with The Como to bring on blind employees to act as waiters and front of house staff.

Dinner will be available Thursday through to Sundays, and there are three mystery menus to choose from (including a vegan option—booyah). It’ll cost you $95 a head, or $125 with matching wines.

The Details

What: Dans Le Noir
Where: Como Melbourne, MGallery by Sofitel
When: January 2018 (Keep an eye on the website for more info)
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Dans Le Noir | Instagram 

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