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Day Of The Donut is Coming!

By Ethan Jenkins
11th Jun 2015


With a convoluted history spanning from Dutch immigrants to French bakers, and popularised in American culture, our own city of Melbourne has taken this delicious deep fried dough under its wing and adopted the donut as its own. There is one thing we can all agree on however, and as so eloquently put in the wise words of Homer J. Simpson, "mmmmm donuts."

The infamous Flour Market has dedicated a hole day (ha!) to celebrate the donut. Because they couldn’t possibly cram all the doughy goodness that is heralded in the beloved donut into their main event, they have created a sideshow and we are reaping all the benefits.

"Day of the Donut will bring together as many dough slingers, glaze dippers and jam fillers as we can wrangle all for your enjoyment," explains the Flour Market team. Allow your tastebuds to be wed with tantalising flavour combinations in holey matrimony. There is no need to sugar coat this event as the Day Of The Donut line-up speaks for itself. Jam-packed with donut deities, it features the likes of Aunty Peg's, All Day Donuts, Cobb Lane, Candied Bakery, Everyday Coffee, Lady Donut, Krumbs Pop Up, Sweet Evelyn, 5 & Dime, Donut Day, Ascot Food Store plus more rising stars in the donut industry to be announced.

Put a few extra notches in your belt and take your elastic waistlines down to 12 Edward St, Brunswick from 9am 'til sold out this Saturday 13th June. Heed warning, get in early, as if past Flour Market events are anything to go by, you will have to be following the crumb-trails of donut lovers home if you miss out. 

Image credit: The House That Lars Built via Pinterest

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