Dear Liza | The Verdict

By Jessica Hackett
3rd Dec 2014

Moving in to St Kilda, Dear Liza has set up shop just in time for summer, and promises to deliver southsiders a go-to destination for breakfast, bruncheon, luncheon or dinner. 
Dear Liza hits the nail on the head with décor and ambience – think industrial wooden tables (with holes to put your buckets of food in!), funky colourful furniture, hanging exposed light globes and polished concrete floors. With a spacious and sunny courtyard Dear Liza is the ultimate spot to sit back, take in the sun, and well and truly settle in.
As far as the menu goes, there is literally something for EVERYONE and something to satisfy ANY kind of craving; be it nibbles to share, a group feast, a greasy hangover cure, or the healthiest meal you’ll find outside of your local Crossfit support group.
The brunch menu features numbers such as chili-baked eggs, a soufflé omelet, and a steak sandwich with homemade chili onion jam that rivals any steak sandwich going around. For those after a sweeter option of a morning Dear Liza also offers healthy and delicious ‘build your own’ acai and yoghurt pots, and not so healthy but ridiculously delicious banana and Nutella muffins – both perfect for the morning commute into the CBD.
For lunch and dinner Dear Liza is the perfect place for groups, with a menu perfect for sharing. Their ‘bucket list’ is a mash-mish of seafood and ribs, all served in buckets. Think Peri Peri prawns, Morton Bay bugs with garlic chili, parsley and lemon, popcorn salt & pepper calamari, crispy fried chicken ribs, and the most moreish char grilled smoky beef ribs you’re likely to get your grubby mits on. Grab yourselves some of the baked sweet potato chips and you’ll be in flavour heaven.
If you’re after something healthier Dear Liza has an extensive salad menu (you can also build your own exactly to your liking) with numbers such as the ‘Grain & Seed’ (quinoa, pomegranate seeds, slivered almonds, celery, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, spring onion, feta, basil, mint, coriander, orange vinaigrette) and the ‘Asian Slaw’ (cabbage, carrot, bean shoots, spring onion, coriander, basil, mint, crispy shallots, crushed peanuts, nuoc cham, warm rice noodles) delivering some epic summer dishes. There are also plenty of vegetarian, vegan and Paleo options available.
After all this you’re probably left thinking ‘but what will I wash it all down with?!’ Well, fear not – Liza has you covered. Top quality coffee, cocktail jugs, buckets of beer, and an impressive wine list have your thirst well and truly quenched (espescccially if you head there for the 'Liza Gets Loose' happy hour!). And, if you’re so inclined (which we always are), some BBQ’d banana and churros with homemade chocolate salted-caramel sauce to finish it all off nicely…
Dear Liza | 181 St Kilda Road, St Kilda
Open Tuesday - Saturday 8am till late, Sunday - Monday 8am till 5pm

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