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Deliveroo Is Now Delivering Alcohol Straight To Your Door / Mouth

By Ben Tyers
9th Sep 2016


Guys, what a time it is to be alive. Almost everything is on demand. Don’t feel like going out to pick up food? Order it via an app. Can’t be bothered waiting for a taxi? Order a random person to pick you up in their car.

But with all of this on-demand luxury, we have been missing one important thing. Alcohol delivery.

Well fear not, because Deliveroo has just answered our inebriation prayers by offering alcohol delivery alongside their usual food delivery service. Yes, you can now order a burger from Temple Brewing and have it delivered straight to your door with a crisp 6-pack of their finest ale.

What’s also amazing is that Melbourne is currently the only city with this handy new feature available, further solidifying our claim on being the world’s most liveable city.

Deliveroo are also extending their delivery hours as of this week too, so you can now satisfy those late night munchies with food delivery available up until 12:30am every single night of the week.

Currently late night delivery is only available in the CBD, Carlton & Collingwood but they’ll be adding more suburbs every week.

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Image Credit: Temple Brewing Co.

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