Din Tai Fung’s Dumpling Roulette Is Back

By James Shackell
19th Dec 2017


Come onnnnn, baby. Papa needs a new plate of dumplings...

Yep, Din Tai Fung’s famous dumpling roulette is making a comeback this month, and they’re even releasing a few special edition dumplings for the occasion.

If you haven’t tried this before. Here’s how it works. Up to six punters can spin the dumpling roulette wheel and eat their way through six xiao long bao in three scrumptious flavours: the signature pork, Italian black truffle with pork and a new crab and pork chilli dumpling (you can only get this one on the roulette wheel).

These guys have become famous for the dumplings (and their slightly OCD approach). Each circle of pastry is weighed between 4.8 and 5.2 grams, then filled with between 20.8 and 21.2 grams of legally addictive meat stimulant, then steamed for exactly three minutes. The result? Consistently excellent dumps.

The guys at Din Tai Fung have a few other festive tricks on the yum cha cart, too. Think limited-edition fruit popsicles (they’re coming in either mixed berry with apple guava or mango, orange and kiwi). Each popsicle comes served in a wine glass, then topped with lemonade or sparkling wine. Zingy. 

The Details

Where: Din Tai Fung, Emporium
When: 1 December – 5 January 2018
For more info, click here

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Image credit: Din Tai Fung 

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