Dressing Down | Our Tips For Relaxed Races Fashion For Guys & Girls

By Bianca O'Neill
8th Feb 2016

relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing
relaxed racing

This racing season, it's time to ditch that over-the-top fascinator and expensive dress - Relaxed Racing is all about settling back with a straw hat, an easy-going outfit, and a picnic on the lawn with your peeps. Plus, your man will be even more excited about Blue Diamond Stakes Day at Caulfield (Saturday 27 February) when he finds out he can swap out that stuffy suit for a laid back, European-inspired shirt-and-shorts combo. 

Over here at the Urban List, we decided you might need some fashion inspiration for your Relaxed Racing ensemble - so we are prepping you with our top ten style tips for guys and girls to take in the fillies this February. Relax away!

1. GUYS: Roll your cuffs!

If you’re choosing chinos for your relaxed race day look, roll those cuffs up and make sure you wear invisible socks... It's important to keep those ankles bare and avoid the Michael-Jackson-in-the-80s look.

2. GIRLS: Ditch the fascinator

This is Relaxed Racing – so let’s give those feathers a rest, shall we? Opt for a great straw hat to keep the sun off your lovely face, and ensure those locks are on lock.

3. GUYS: Pair a print short with a plain blazer

If you’re opting for shorts, choose a print for some outfit interest – then choose a single colour from the pattern to pair them back with a matching blazer. A crisp white shirt will complete the look.

4. GIRLS: Makeup minimal

It’s time to put that contouring brush down, girl - this is Relaxed Racing! Go classic with a BB cream, simple eye makeup, and a swipe of bronzer for a fresh, daytime look.

5. GUYS: Fedora time

It’s going to be hot – take a hat. But not that daggy straw number you bought in Bali last holiday; choose a great fedora for a sleek (but sun-safe) look.

6. GIRLS: Jump(suit) in!

If there was the perfect outfit for relaxed style, the jumpsuit is it – and it just so happens to be very on trend right now. Bonus! Just think: No matter how strong the wind, or how you’re sitting on your picnic blanket, you’ll never have a Britney moment.

7. GUYS: Unbutton away!

Relaxed style is all about ditching the tie – choose a great quality shirt, and let it speak for itself. But don’t unbutton too far... two undone buttons is the maximum. This isn’t Miami!

8. GIRLS: Wedge it

Forget the stilettos girls, they just don’t work in grass. Take a cue from the experienced polo fashionistas and accessorize with a pair of wedges. No sinking - and they're super comfortable to boot.

9. GUYS: It’s all about the shoe

Choose the right shoe for your now-liberated legs. A boat shoe or brogue pairs perfectly with those free and easy ankles.

10. GIRLS: Pick a pattern

Relaxed Racing isn’t the time for all-white-errythang. A daytime event calls for colour – and imminent grass stains call for patterns that don’t show grass stains! Forget the worries about spilling your wine, and choose an on-trend pattern that forgives all accidents.

How's that for all the #fashioninspo? Now you're totally set to grab your friends and family, order a V.I.Picnic, and take in the fillies in laid back style at Relaxed Racing this February and March! Just make sure you share your raceday style via the hashtag #relaxedracing - we’ll be watching!

For more information on Relaxed Racing, including a full list of all events, hospitality packages and all the other upcoming racedays, check out

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