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Drinks, Home Delivered? Get Ready For The Weekend!

By Sarah Willcocks
19th Feb 2016


Whether you're time-poor, a Saturday night agoraphobe, or a drinker with special tastes, drinks on demand have arrived in Melbourne: so why did it take us so long to realise that drinking in our PJs is just as good as hitting up a hot new bar? 

Also a boon to those of us who find ourselves stuck at home in an unexpected house-party drought, your partying can now continue unabated—without taking an expensive trip in a slab cab.

Overseas, they've already trumped us with the luxury of hangover IV drips delivered to their homes, but we'd settle for having Berocca couriered—very quietly—to our doorsteps the next day.

Here's our pick of the best drinks delivery and subscription services in Melbourne.

Cocktail Runner

Cocktail Runner is the next best thing to having a live-in bartender. The start-up sends out DIY cocktail kits with all of the ingredients to make recipes developed by bartenders from Polly, Howler and Nieuw Amsterdam. There are classics like Moscow Mules and Espresso Martinis, and new drinks like the Melbourne Weather (a twist on a dark and stormy) and Cookies & Whisky.

Deliver Me Drinks

Cold drinks at your door in under 45 minutes for just a handful of dollars. Deliver Me Drinks is a simple service, born late one night when some friends unexpectedly found themselves—gasp—out of red wine. Our new Saturday night heroes currently cater to the inner north, south and eastern suburbs but never fear west-siders; they hope to expand right across Melbourne soon. Crucially, they will also send you life-saving chips, chocolate and ice as well.

White Possum

Australian craft spirits arriving at your door every month; what's not to love? White Possum is a subscription service which spotlights our booming local boutique distilleries. They have partnered with over 20 distilleries, from which mystery bottles are sent each month or three to happy (read: tipsy) members.

Cocktail Kit

Specialising mostly in bar equipment, Cocktail Kit can also deliver the main ingredients to make Little Drippa Espresso Martinis, Mojitos, Sidecars and White Ladies or Breakfast Martinis. Plus they'll send all the tools and instructions you'll need too!

Secret Bottle

We can now enjoy the cellar door experience at home without having to hop on a tour bus and schlepping out to the Yarra Valley. Unlike other wine of the month clubs, which seem to send full bottles of whatever they've got let over, Secret Bottle sends wine tastings in test tubes instead along with tasting notes. They focus on under the radar Australian wineries and you can then buy full bottles of whichever drops you love.

The Wigs Cellar

If you live or work within the boundaries of the CBD you're in luck. The Wigs Cellar will deliver your beer, wine and/or spirits plus salty snacks for free (!) in under an hour anywhere in the city. That's Friday knock-off drinks sorted. Your tipples will be cold and there's no minimum order—no wonder the cellar has been around for over a hundred years.

Rum Club

The Rum Diary bar has started a new club and we want in. Rum Club Australia offers flasks of special and rare rums for you to try at home each month. Members are also entitled to discounts at The Rum Diary... but you'll actually have to leave the house for that.

Image credit: White Possum, provided.

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