Fave 5 Best Melbourne Cafes For Smoothies

By Sophie Colvin
27th Oct 2015

Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne
Best smoothies Melbourne

Some things just go together, like PB and jelly, and Posh and Becks, so this year we’ve teamed up with MINI to bring you, our discerning readers and drivers, our fortnightly MINI Fave 5 series: The must-try guide to Melbourne, celebrating the launch of the new MINI 5-door hatch!

We’re suckers for a good smoothie, whether it’s chocolaty and decadent or a good clean greenie there’s something very satisfying about slurping your way through a delicious concoction that’s as filling as your average café meal.

We’ve slurped and chugged our way around Melbourne to bring you our favourite five joints to grab a smoothie.

Heal.Thy Self Co


Heal.Thy Self Co is another stellar smoothie joint where there wasn’t a chance of us being able to narrow down our choice to just one, so we really took one for the team and covered all our bases. The Be Clean Green is for the kale-loving kids amongst us and is packed with organic greens, banana, super greens powder, green tea powder, raw vanilla protein powder and water.

The Be Kind is a berrylicious blend of mixed berries, banana, lucuma powder, berry protein powder and coconut yogurt. If a chocolate smoothie’s is more your thing, the Be Loving is your best bet. It’s packed with raw cacao, banana, chocolate protein powder, coconut yogurt and vanilla.

Fresh Organic Goods


The good folk at Fresh Organic Goods have really nailed their smoothie list, dishing up some of the best smoothies in Melbourne. It’s concise, delicious and choc-a-block full of flavour. The original FOG smoothie is a silky blend almond milk, frozen banana, dates, cacao nibs and nut butter, all blended together into one slurpin’ meal. FOG’s green smoothie will have you patting yourself on the back—it’s a mix of almond milk, spinach, kale, spirulina, dates and mango. It’s a filling, fresh take on your standard greenie. And, last but not least, the berry smoothie, just as its name suggests, is packed with almond milk, banana, dates and a stack load of strawberries and raspberries.



The smoothie menu at Elwood’s Combi cafe is epic—there’s no way we could possibly narrow it down to just one. There’s something for everyone at this Melbourne cafe, whether you’re part of the green smoothie brigade, or after something a little sweeter.

Smoothie one: Combie’s Greenie is packed with kale, spinach, cucumber, spirulina, banana, dates and brazil nuts—it’s healthy, packed with protein and really is a meal in a glass.

We like our smoothies fruity, so our second picks is the Liquid Passion, full of passionfruit, berries, mango, coconut flesh, raw fermented protein powder and house made nut milk really hit the spot.

Our third pick from Combi is a throw back to the good ol’ days of the classic banana smoothie. The Coco Banana is a blended concoction of coconut flesh, banana, mesquite, cinnamon, raw honey, coconut chips, and house made nut milk



The smoothie offering at new-kid-on-the-block, Bawa, may not looking to be the fanciest blend around, but just hold your horses until you hear what’s in it. The simply named Blended Drink #1 (we feel this doesn’t really do it justice) is a magical, whizzed up blend of banana, peanut butter, cacao nubs, honey and almond milk. Better yet, you’ll be able to enjoy your delicious health treat in the stunning surrounds of one of Hawthorne’s newest, most luxe cafes.



If team behind armadale’s newest café, Mammoth have been creating some seriously exciting dishes and they’ve got the art of ‘quirky but still delicious’ down pat. With this in mind it’s no surprise that their smoothies are also epically moreish—you will’ve slurped your way to the bottom of the glass in a jiffy. Mammoth keeps the smoothie offering tight, with just one on offer, but it’s pretty epic, and packed with raspberries, mint and coconut so really, what more do you need?!

We're thrilled to partner with MINI to bring you our Fave 5 series—our fortnightly guide to the best of the best in Melbourne. From food to fashion, Campari to Crossfit, each Fave 5 edition is researched and recommended by The Urban List, and driven by the new MINI 5-Door Hatch—putting the city at your fingertips and giving you the freedom to explore it!  

Image credit: Jenna Fahey White for The Urban List

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