10 Female-Led Netflix Shows That’ll Make You Shout Yaaass Kween

By Millie Lester
8th Dec 2017


It turns out Netflix Australia doesn’t have a ‘boss bitch’ genre, so we took it upon ourselves to make our own because sometimes when the patriarchy gets you down, nothing lifts you up like watching a strong female lead absolutely slay on screen (two-piece black power suit implied).

So, here are 10 female-led Netflix shows that’ll make you shout YAAAASS KWEEN.

The Good Wife


A.k.a The Fierce B*tch. Alicia Florrick’s entire law career has been marred by her husband’s very public, very sleazy affairs. But she don’t care, she’s fierce, and with the help of Kalinda (her equally if not more boss investigator), Dianne (a fierce name partner at her law firm) and countless other boss ladies, Alicia has to navigate the murky waters of law and politics (and her absolute drip of a husband).

Jane The Virgin


The concept of this show is a little bit ‘hmm, wat??’ because the leading lady, Jane (played by Gina Rodriguez), is accidentally inseminated with her old flame’s swimmers during a medical check-up (hmm, wat??) and becomes pregnant even though she’s never done the dirty in her life because her religion forbids her to until marriage. The whole show is basically full of strong, independent, single mothers doing it for themselves and battling the dramas of religion, family, the dog-eat-dog world of hotel management and elaborate murder plots.

Janet King


This boss b*tch is especially close to home because Janet King is, in fact, an Aussie drama and a spinoff of the show Crownies. This legal extravaganza follows the life of Janet King, a senior prosecutor, who returns from maternity leave to find herself assigned to a hella high profile murder case. Basically, it’s just a lot of power suits, high buns, assertive women and justice. The best telly combo.

Orphan Black


Not only are the female lead characters on Orphan Black as fierce as faaark, but they are literally all played by the same actress (Tatiana Maslany). Orphan Black is about a down on her luck gal who witnesses a suicide at a train station and realises the girl who died looks exactly like her. So, of course, she steals her identity and takes her place only to realise that this twin thing is a whole lot crazier than she initially thought. Orphan Black is all about loving the sisterhood, fighting the man and staying alive.

Chewing Gum


In a complete change of tune we move onto a British sitcom about young Londoner, Tracey, and her quest to learn more about the world, but mostly lose her virginity. Tracey’s family is satirically religious and her friends are laughably ‘chav’, which means there’s no way the show’s creators weren’t onto a winner when they wrote this bad boy. Tracey is naive, blunt, clueless, hilarious and incredibly endearing, which makes the show perfect bathtime viewing material.

Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (where all those other superheroes live), except unlike them she doesn’t want to save the world, she wants to save herself (we feel you, sistah). Kind of. She’s actually an angel inside, but this superhero has a dark past she’s trying to forget through complex fight sequences and all round general bossness at her private detective agency. We approve.

Orange Is The New Black


There are not enough words to describe just how incredible and life-altering the [almost] all-female cast of OITNB is, and if you haven’t already seen this show then shame on you. It’s set in a women’s prison and originally centres around Piper, a self-centred New Yorker who is sentenced to fifteen months in jail for transporting drug money. In the slammer she is reunited with her old flame, Alex Vause, who she soon falls in love with again, much to the dismay of her husband on the outside. While inside, Piper joins the most eclectic and diverse group of women on TV, which makes for some bloody fantastic viewing, in or out of the bath.

Call The Midwife


This adorable period drama is set in the East End of London during the 1950s and is about a group of passionate and progressive nurses helping some of the poorest folk in the city. Their main aim is to ensure safe childbirths for all the women in the area while dealing with the harsh effects of war, poverty and religion. Sometimes with a laugh.

How To Get Away With Murder


Shonda Rhimes is famous for ripping your heart out of your chest and wearing it on a gold chain around her neck (*cough cough* Grey’s Anatomy), and her legal drama ain’t no different. Starring a diverse cast led by Viola Davis, HTGAWM explore the ins and outs of the law and just how to break it without anybody catching you. Viola Davis’ performance is particularly fierce and will have you yelling at your telly in no time.

Dear White People


This American satirical-drama follows a group of students of colour at a predominantly white university and their topical and very real battle with racism. Each episode focuses on an individual character and many of them are fiercely independent women with points to prove. This show got a surprising amount of backlash when the first trailer was released earlier this year, mostly from people who only read the title and haven’t actually watched the show. If the title does, in fact, grate your goat, then please move past it and watch the show, you might learn a little summin summin.

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