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Royal Stacks Just Opened An Uber-Only Burger Bar

By James Shackell
16th May 2017


If you’re some sort of creepy Royal Stacks super nerd, you probably know they began as a secret menu at the Dandenong Pavilion called Flip City Burgers. Well Flip City is back. Royal Stacks are branching out by re-launching the brand, exclusively on UberEATS.

What does this mean? It means you can get some of your favourite Royal Stacks and Grand Trailer Park Taverna Burgers delivered right to your door. Long-time fans will be happy to know the RKO has made it onto the new menu (two beef patties, smothered in double cheddar, beer-battered onion rings, coleslaw, garlic, paprika & mayo) along with the Francis Underwood and its legendary cheese croquette (also known as the Croquette Of Regret).

But Flip City isn’t just a case of more of the same. In a Melbourne first, Royal Stacks has worked with NASA’s top scientists (not true) to develop a brand new bun that improves heat retention (true). The burgers are also about 15% bigger than their sister restaurants. It’s all to avoid the dreaded Burger Delivery Heat Loss Effect, AKA the scourge of our times.

The Details

What: Flip City Burgers
Where: Only on UberEATS
When: Available as of now.
For more info, click here.

We went out and rounded up the best fried chicken burgers in Melbourne. It's a tough gig, but someone has to do it. 

Image credit: Flip City Burgers

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