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Get Ready, An Immersive And Futuristic Exhibition Is Coming To Melbourne

By Sophie Oddo
14th Nov 2019

With catastrophic fires having raged across Queensland and New South Wales, we are begged to once again question, what exactly are we doing to solve the world’s urgent global challenges?

Across November 19 and 20, Monash University will be hosting an immersive and interactive activation in Federation Square dubbed, A Future Without Change. As the name suggests, this eye-opening activation will show what a future on our beloved planet earth might look like and the products we may need, without significant changes to some of the biggest challenges and crises the world is facing today. The exhibit will also feature insight into some of the incredible, change-making research Monash is undertaking today, to help work towards a better tomorrow.

Expect to see confronting concepts like ”The Inside Yard”, a self-contained pristine atmosphere designed for backyards due to the world’s air pollution having poisoned the atmosphere, “Anti-Depresso's”, children’s cereal to help combat the world’s declining mental health state and “Scenic Screen”, digital displays to replace windows with the growing lack of urban planning. The activation will dissect 14 more challenges, with issues such as fake news, natural environmental crisis and modern slavery—just some of the world’s issues put under the microscope. 

Make sure to get down for an insightful, eye-opening and confronting look into A Future Without Change. 


What: A Future Without Change
Where: Federation Square, Melbourne
When: Tuesday, 19 November, 10am - 7pm and Wednesday, 20 November, 10am - 7pm
Click here for more info.

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