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Here’s How To Make Garden State’s Sun Sparkle Cheesecake

By James Shackell
13th May 2017


Want to impress mum this Mother’s Day? (And maybe work on your audition dish for the next season of Masterchef at the same time?) We’ve got just a recipe. Presenting the Sun Sparkle Cheesecake, a mum-inspired dessert from chef Ashley Hicks (of the Garden State Hotel).

It’s okay if it doesn’t look much like your regular cheesecake. That just means it’s a little bit fancy. In fact the dish was inspired by the cheesecake of Hicks' childhood:

“It’s a very Queensland-style dessert,” Hicks says, “lovely and rich from the cream cheese, cut with refreshing passion fruit, pineapple and crunchy biscuits. My brother and I grew up on this—we were always treated to it at Christmas and put in requests for our birthdays.”

(FYI, if you ceebs cooking the Sun Sparkle yourself, Garden State is dishing it up as part of their 4-course Mother’s Day grazing menu.)

Here we go, guys.

The Cheesecake Mixture


  • 1 x 440g con condensed milk 
  • 375g cream cheese or sieved cottage cheese
  • 1/1 lemon juice (2 large lemons) 
  • 2/3 cup whipped cream
  • 1 tablespoon gelatine dissolved in 1/4 cup boiling water 


  1. Beat softened cream cheese till smooth and creamy.
  2. Gradually add condensed milk, beating well, then add lemon juice gradually.
  3. Whip cream and fold into mixture. Add dissolved gelatine.

The Crumb Crust


  • 1 generous cup of corn flake crumbs or crumbed biscuits 
  • 60g melted butter 
  • Pinch nutmeg 


  1. Press firmly onto base only of greased 20cm spring-form tin.
  2. Chuck it in the fridge.

Mixing It All Together


  • 1 x 450g can Golden Circle Crushed Pineapple plus liquid
  • Juice 2 oranges
  • Pulp 2 passionfruit


  1. Add 1/3 fruit mixture to Basic Cheesecake mixture.
  2. Pour into prepared springform tin.
  3. Allow to set.
  4. Heat remaining 2/3 fruit mixture, thicken with little arrowroot. Spread over cake.
  5. Refrigerate till firm. Decorate with cream and scoff with mum while watching Bridget Jones.

On to your next culinary creation: Sushi Doughnuts (nope, we're not kidding).

Image credit: Garden State Hotel

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