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Get A Slippery Seal Kiss This Valentine’s Day

By Sophie Teague
4th Feb 2016


We’ve heard that if you kiss a seal on Valentine’s Day, you will fall head over heels in love within the year. We like those odds - that’s just one soft and supple kiss from the whiskery-mouth of a sexy seal and you’ll be killing it in the dating game… the seal dating game that is. What? They’re cute.

Where can you get this seal kiss, you ask? Melbourne Zoo, of course. On Sunday 14 February - a.k.a Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Brolentine’s Day – there are going to be some slippery seal kisses up for grabs. We’re telling you now, seals don’t just give out kisses to any old human – this is pretty special.

That’s not all though. If you’re one of the lucky five, you and a fortunate friend will also receive free entry to Melbourne Zoo for the day, so after you’ve puckered up you can explore the rest of the animal exhibits. You don’t want to make the rest of the Zoo jealous now, do you?

The seals will be waiting from 11:45am on the day for their free kisses; usually they charge $30 a pop for a smack on the lips, so consider yourself lucky if you’re chosen. Also, make sure you're there 30 minutes prior to kissing time, because seals don't love late-comers. Melbourne Zoo just ask that if you get this special opportunity you wear flat, enclosed shoes and cut back on that smelly perfume and aftershave. The seals prefer the a la’ natural, thank you very much.

Intrigued? Enter below for your chance to grab yourself a kiss this Valentines Day. 

Full ts&cs here

Image credit: Melbourne Zoo, provided

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