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The Great Urban List Off | The Winner!

By Jessica Hackett
22nd May 2014

Seven weeks ago we embarked on a journey to find the best thing about living in our great city, Melbourne. We started with 32 of our top picks, and then handed it over to you, our loyal readers, to vote to decide the favourite!

Click here to view the full original draw!

With over 4,200 votes The Urban List-Off goes to show that we love you, Melbourne!

As the 32 have been whittled down each week, it has been an intense and super close competition, with some of the duels decided by less than 10 votes. But there can be only one winner.

And that winner is… (Drum roll, please!)

We're nuts about all of the top 32 things here at TUL. But we definitely do have a soft spot for the iconic Melbourne watering hole, Rooftop Bar.

Here are some of the reason we lurrrrve Rooftop Bar:

We think the people of Melbourne must have some daredevil tendencies, with rooftop bars amongst the most popular of drinking destinations. Melbourne has got it all sorted when it comes to sky-high bars, and Rooftop Bar was an obvious inclusion in our round up of Melbourne's best rooftop bars.

There are few better ways to spend a summer's eve than drinking beer and munching on burgers while reclining in a deck chair and watching a cult flick. Guess where you can do this? Rooftop Cinema at Rooftop Bar. We rate Rooftop Cinema so highly, we included it in our list of 59 things you should have done if you live in Melbourne.

Well done Rooftop Bar, we'll be seeing you soon!

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