The Ultimate Guide To Melbourne on Two Wheels: Northside Vs. Southside

By Bianca O'Neill
16th Nov 2015

Summer is better on two wheels – after all, when the sun is shining, who wants to get stuck in traffic or wait for trams? On a bike it's about the journey... not the destination. You can jump off wherever you want! 

Nothing beats two-wheeled freedom, and exploring Melbourne by bicycle is our top way to see new suburbs. So we've put together are our two ultimate Melbourne biking itineraries for the northside AND the southside! 

We’ve teamed up with Australia’s very own Reid Cycles, to bring you the best of Melbourne on two wheels. Take the path less travelled and find those gems - rarely is anything good found in neon lights on the high street. Just pick your side of the river and get pedalling...


If you're headed up to the Northside for your biking itinerary, start in Carlton Gardens, cycle down the picturesque Rathdowne St, and follow our afternoon itinerary all the way to dinner in Fitzroy!

Carlton Gardens


The Carlton Gardens are one of the most beautiful picnic spots in the city, so it's a great starting point for a northside journey. Perfect for meeting other two-wheeled mates, and taking a few pre-ride selfies before heading off to seek some sustenance. Now where is the nearest deli...

DOC Delicatessen


Cycling = burning calories, so you’re 100% allowed to chow down on epic fresh breads, cheeses and antipasti at this legendary deli. Even better, pick up some ingredients from DOC Delicatessen for an impromptu picnic with friends! If you're going it alone, you may need some quiet entertainment - so we recommend a quick visit to a great bookstore...



Not only a great selection of books, but also a cute place to pick up a few early Christmas gifts. Pull your bike into the nearest park after grabbing a book at Readings – and take in some solo summer sun. 

The Vertue Of the Coffee Drink


With a long name, and down a tiny alley that’s impossible to get a car down, take your bicycle where four wheels can’t and tuck into a required afternoon coffee. If you're still hungry, you could always order the awesome oat and coconut porridge, or wood smoked back bacon. Mmmm, bacon. If meats aren't your thing...



From quark to mexi-beans, Grace Cafe in Fitzroy will deliver brunch to any hungry cyclist – including our vegan and veggie friends. Grace is a great alternative for bikers who are looking for a more healthy pit stop. Off the busy Brunswick strip, you’ll find bike parking rails right outside. Easy!



After pedalling the shopping strip down Brunswick Rd - and maybe making a few cheeky purchases - there’s nothing worse than pedalling your little heart out, and realising that you’re starving at that awkward non-opening time at 3pm. Luckily, the Transformer’s kitchen is open from 8am to 10pm – so you can grab some fuel no matter what time you pull in to park.

Hell Of The North


It must be time for a cocktail by now... And fittingly Hell of the North shares its name with the infamous Paris-Roubaix bike race held once a year in northern France – but at this version, you’ll be able to talk slip-streams without breaking a sweat. Their signature cocktails, like the Hemingway Daiquiri, will be totally called for by now, plus they have a feed-me menu that will refuel any sore muscles to boot!


If the southside is your 'hood, then this is the itinerary for you. From Borsch to the beach, we have put together a ride to remember, ending with a sunset... What more could you want?

Borsch, Vodka & Tears


Start your southside adventure somewhere a little different - with a Polish inspired breakfast including potato blintz, pickles, borsch, and boiled eggs. You'll need the fuel for the rest of the day, and there's no denying Borsch will feed you!

Third Drawer Down 


Work off those blintz's and go Christmas shopping on your bike this season - head to the quirky Third Drawer Down designer and gift shop in Prahran for a KK present with a difference. Be sure to bring a backpack!


St Kilda

Take the scenic route along the St Kilda promenade bike path, ending up at the chic Fitzrovia for a coffee and a sneaky snack. They also do picnic hampers if you're starting to feel peckish again – perfect for posh bike-and-beach bumming.

Catani Gardens

St Kilda

Take your hamper down to the pretty Catani Gardens. Runing from the Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron to Pier Road in St Kilda, Catani Gardens is not only a pretty park, but it also has direct access to the beach for a cheeky dip.

Café Di Stasio

St Kilda

If you didn't opt for the Fitzrovia hamper, and you're the kind of person who likes to accompany their biking with immediately replacing said kilojoule burn with, say, a suckling pig, then Cafe Di Stasio is clearly about to become your new best friend. Head here for a delectable lunch.

Newmarket Hotel

St Kilda East

Keep those outdoorsy vibes going as the afternoon dawns on your biking sesh, and head into the Newmarket Hotel, which combines the indoors and outdoors with all the Californian feels. Get all the beers, then ride off all the cals on the way to see the sunset.

St Kilda Botanical Gardens

St Kilda

If you’re bored of the beach, head to the beautiful St Kilda Botanical Gardens, hop off your bike, and enjoy the sunset drawing down on Melbourne. It's the prettiest way to end your day.

Have your very own bike adventure on one of Reid’s very cool bicycles. If you’re after a stylish city bike, we’d recommend the Reid Esprit. Need a lightweight road bike? Try the women’s specific Osprey Road Bike. And if you love the retro look, get on a Vintage 7-Speed Classic Plus.

Cycle safe, Listers!

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Image credit: Reid Cycles, Transformer, Newmarket Hotel, Megan Osborn

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