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The New Gumbuya World Theme Park Is Officially Open For Business

By James Shackell
4th Jan 2018


If you’ve lived in Melbourne for any reasonable amount of time, you’ll remember the ads for Gumbuya Park. They were...well they were a bit lame. The park itself was a lot of fun, in a wholesome, 1980s sort of way. But it was long overdue for a revamp.

Enter 2018, and the launch of the brand new Gumbuya World.

The launch of the new park is gonna be in two parts. The first is open as of right now—the second will be launching in mid-2018, when they perfect the new Indominus Rex unveil a new auditorium and indigenous cultural centre.

Here’s what you can look forward to at Gumbuya Park 2.0. A massive new waterpark called Oasis Springs, which includes sheer drops and rides with names like ‘The Taipan’ (sounds terrifying). A wildlife trail where the kids can meet koalas, dingoes and 52 other types of native fauna. Petting zoo included.

Gumbuya will also be launching a new series of pant-wetting rides, including a Mining Race Coaster, an Outback Pirate Ship (honestly, who knows) and a giant tree swing.

Now for the big one: the price. Adult tickets will set you back $49 a pop, with kids getting in for $43 each. Tots under 3 get in free. You’ll find the theme park about 75kms from the CBD, way out east in Tynong (just Google Map it).

Who needs the Gold Coast when you’ve got Gumbuya, right? Maybe that should be their new ad slogan...

The Details

Where: 2705 Princess Highway, Tynong VIC
When: Open as of right now
For more info, click here.

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Image credit: Gumbuya World 

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